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It's 150 years since Dunedin Hospital opened on Great King Street.

A celebration was held in the hospital's Chapel to mark the anniversary.

Port Otago has taken delivery of its brand new tug boat.

The tug travelled the seas in style aboard a specialist heavy lifting vessel called the Deltagracht.

The Cancer Society's Daffodil Day saw collectors selling spring blooms in the streets of Dunedin today.

Venues for young bands to perform on a large stage have been scarce in Dunedin for a number of years.

Invercargill's recently opened Transport World is celebrating its quick success.

Visitors from all over the country have come to see the extensive vintage vehicle collection.

Shayne P Carter first rose to international fame with the band Straightjacket Fits in the late 1980s.

A new exhibition space has opened up on Don Street in Invercargill.

It showcases works from an art gallery which has been closed to public viewing for over two years.

The city and regional councils are joining forces in an attempt to engage with South Dunedin.

Their aim is to find out what residents want.

International and domestic visitors are spending up large.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates show visitors spent over $1.7b last month.

Police and Search and Rescue have recovered a body from the Routeburn Track.

The body is believed to be that of 27 year old Ondrej Petr, a Czech tourist who died following a fall.

Fonterra has indicated it will increase its 2016/2017 farmgate milk price.

The rise of 50c to $4.75 per kilogram of milk solids is seen as a positive signal for farmers.

Poems are about to turn up in an unexpected location - on the back of pay and display parking tickets.

Police are seeking the owners of a number of items believed to have been stolen from North Dunedin properties.

Your City

  • University of Otago researchers have found more than half of all homeless adults in New Zealand are working or studying.

    Kate Amore, from the Health Research Programme, analysed census and administrative data from 2013.

    She found 52% of homeless adults were either working, studying, or both, up from 49%in 2006.

    She says the cost of housing has been rising without corresponding increases in income, whilst the number of state houses per capita has been in decline.

    As a result many low-income people are missing out on housing, whether we recogn

  • The Cancer Society's Daffodil Day is taking place this Friday.

    It's their annual flagship event and is a major funding source for the organisation.

    So the 39 Dunedin News Word on The Street team hit town, and asked if you're intending donating to the appeal...

  • Student groups representing many of the world's religions have met to promote their beliefs, and discuss faith.

    The Univeristy of Otago Chaplin believes when young people gather like this, they can help teach older people a few tricks.

  • Researchers at the University of Otago are going to study concussion on professional rugby players while they play.

    The project is a nationwide first, and will be supported by New Zealand Rugby.

    It'll see the Otago team fitted with monitoring equipment that'll measure the stresses that cause concussion.

  • Supporters braved wet weather to rally behind the University of Otago's Humanities department.

    Up to 20 jobs are on the line in a proposed downsizing.

    And that prompted a demonstration fronted by the New Zealand Teritary Education Union.

  • Police are disappointed in the results of a two week operation that focussed on driver habits.

    The nationwide operation caught many drivers using cell phones while driving, and not wearing seatbelts.

    In the Southern district 115 drivers were ticketed for using their mobiles while driving.

    And, 286 people were issued infringement notices for not wearing seatbelts.

    Police say the results show many drivers continue to have bad habits at intersections.


  • The price of petrol is heading up, once again.

    The price per litre has increased 11c in just under a fortnight, to $1.88 for 91 octane.

    The rises have been attributed to the increasing cost of refining crude over the same period.

    Industry watchdogs are expecting the price to remain at the present level in the short term.

    A barrel of petrol is now costing more than $NZ82.

  • Beef and lamb exports to key markets have fallen.

    Statistics New Zealand figures show total exports were worth $4b in July.

    That's down 19% on the same month last year.

    The largest decrease was in lamb exports, which are down 29%.

    The drop has been attributed to record meat exports at this time last year, when they were 31% higher than the average over the previous five years.

    The United States and the EU are the largest export destinations for beef and lamb.

  • New figures show the number of people coming to New Zealand is increasing.

    Statistics New Zealand says more than 20,000 extra visitors spent time in the country during July, compared with the same month last year.

    The rise was due mainly to a 21% increase in holiday arrivals, from Australia, China and the United States.

    As well, visitor arrivals numbered 237,900 last month, setting a new July record.

  • Businesses with large electricity bills now have an option to contract their supply thanks to Dunedin company, Energy Link.

    The Energy Exchange is based on mathematical algorithms, capable of processing and analysing offers from thousands of sites on a single contract.

    Having all electricity retailer information available in one on-line platform is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

  • Silver Fern Farms shareholders have voted to merge with Chinese company Shanghai Maling.

    The vote was held after a lengthy meeting at the company's Otago headquarters.

    And despite much heated debate, just over 80% of shareholders were in favour of the merger.

  • A Dunedin tertiary institution has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Otago economy.

    Figures from the latest Otago Polytechnic Economic Impact Report show it's contributed $255M to the region.

    Its global economic impact for 2015 was valued at nearly $290M.

    Chief executive Phil Ker says the report illustrates the institute's significance to Otago, having a direct influence on local economic development.

Local Sport

  • New Zealand Cricket and the New Zealand Cricket Players Association have agreed that women's cricketers will be paid more.

    A new three-year Memorandum of Understanding will see 15 of the country's best women cricketers offered annual retainers ranging in value from $20,000 to $34,000.

    Previously, only the top 10 players received contracts worth more than $10,000.

    The New Zealand Cricket Association says paying our best women's players more fits in well with the organisation's commitment towards inclusivity and diversity.

  • Despite a season-ending loss to the Lions at the weekend, the Highlanders are celebrating success, having 7 players selected in the latest All Blacks squad.

    All Blacks head coach Steve Hansen named his side for the upcoming rugby championship, with the now expected contingent of Highlanders making the cut.

    He says he and his fellow selectors are very happy with the squad and combinations they had come up with.

  • The Kia Toa Tigers have been crowned this year's Otago rugby league champions after defeating the East Coast Eagles.

    The side won 32 to 18 at Forsyth Barr Stadium taking home the coveted William Johnston Cup.

    And while there were a few stand-out players, the Tigers captain says it was very much a team effort.

  • All Blacks coach Steve Hansen will retain his position through to the next Rugby World Cup in 2019.

    His previous contract was set to expire next year following the British and Irish Lions three test tour.

    The 57 year old has been involved in the side's two back-to-back World Cup successes in the past eight years.

    And he's lost just three of 57 All Blacks tests as head coach.

  • After almost 20 years, Kaikorai is once again at the top of premier rugby.

    The side defeated Dunedin 29 points to 22 in Saturday's final at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

    And despite a slow start to the season, the winning captain couldn't be happier with how it's finished.

  • More than 100 children are participating in a football school holiday programme at the Edgar Centre.

    The importance of growing the sport at a grass-roots level is one of the main drivers behind the four day event.

    And although the football season's winding down, there's no let-up in local interest.