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Film icon. Act of charity revolutionising Autism New Zealand's local branch

Watch this video! A free car is revolutionising Autism New Zealand's local branch. It's been donated by a Dunedin car dealership. And it's hoped the act of charity will help staff meet the city's growing demand for assistance with autism. ›see story

Film icon. International earthquake research coming to a close

Major international research into the science of earthquakes has entered its final stage. University of Otago researchers are analysing rock from the Alpine Fault, following the deepest drilling yet of the geological feature. Despite engineering setbacks at the drilling stage, scientists are confident they'll uncover something to help predict the next big shake. ›see story

Film icon. Otago Polytechnic's redevelopment enters second stage

A multi-million dollar redevelopment at Otago Polytechnic has progressed to its second stage. The ground floor of one of the polytechnic's main buildings has been completely refurbished. And now workers are turning their attention to another part of the campus. ›see story

Film icon. Art auction benefits aspiring broadcasters

Young aspiring broadcasters are being given greater opportunities to launch careers, thanks to local artists. An art auction comprising 71 works has raised thousands of dollars for a local youth radio programme. It means Dunedin youth wanting to work in broadcast media are off to a good start. ›see story

Page icon Knitters complete poppies for ANZAC Day commemorations

Knitters working on poppies for this year's ANZAC Day commemorations have reached their goal of 2000 individual flowers. Knitters started the project at the beginning of the year, often working in the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. The project is being organised by the Otago Settlers Association, in partnership with the museum. ›read more

Page icon Anything But Books Sale expected to be a hit

Regent Theatre staff are expecting to raise hundreds of dollars through this year's Anything But Books Sale. All money from the sale goes towards repairing and upgrading the theatre. The sale is a spin-off from the Regent's annual 24 hour book sale, which has been going for more than three decades. ›read more

Page icon University of Otago receives grant to research Salmonella

More than $300,000 has been granted to the University of Otago for research into Salmonella. The money comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It's for local academics to co-ordinate international efforts in researching Salmonella diseases, a major cause of child death in Africa. Professor John Crump, of the university's Centre for International Health, is leading the study. ›read more

Film icon. Business community learns what it takes to be successful

Watch this video! Dunedin's business community has learned what it takes to be successful, from two internationally respected healthcare professionals. The pair spoke during a business conference at Otago Polytechnic. And it's hoped their advice will lead to improvements throughout the city. ›see story

Film icon. Public seminar held to explain social housing reform programme

Government representatives are in town, explaining new social housing reforms to residents. ›see story

Film icon. World Book Day draws limited local fanfare

Despite Dunedin's recent recognition as a UNESCO Creative City of Literature, there's limited local fanfare for World Book Day. A few low-key events are being staged, involving a special guest from a fellow literary city. And she has high hopes Dunedin's celebration of the annual event will grow eventually. ›see story

Film icon. Sport Otago initiative encourages children to walk or cycle to school

Thousands of young Dunedin children are exercising on their way to and from school. While many walk or cycle to school year-round, there's added focus on healthy transport this week, for a Sport Otago initiative. The Walk 'n' Wheel to School Week is expected to bring more than just health benefits to those participating. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin Hare Krishna community sets up cultural centre

A former student flat is being converted into a cultural centre by the Dunedin Hare Krishna community. Contractors are about to finish the building's renovation, which has taken most of the summer. And members say the door's open to all, not just those who've converted to the religious movement. ›see story

Film icon. Safety improvements fast-tracked on southern roads

The government has fast-tracked safety improvements on southern roads, in response to recent crashes involving tourists. ›see story

Page icon Copper spouting and fuel targeted by thieves

Copper spouting and fuel are the latest commodities being targeted by Dunedin thieves. An undisclosed amount of copper spouting has been reported stolen from the Metalspray Engineering company in Sturdee Street. It was reportedly stolen from the harbourside business earlier this week. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival wins award

A business award has been given to the Otago University Students' Association, for its Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival. Held in October last year, the festival has been named the best beer event in Otago and Southland. The accolade comes from the national Society of Beer Advocates. ›read more

Film icon. Steven Joyce opens science challenge at the University of Otago

Watch this video! Work on a multi-million dollar science initiative has begun at the University of Otago. Cabinet minister Steven Joyce launched the science challenge, which aims to improve the lives of elderly New Zealanders. ›see story

Film icon. SDHB launches new Safety First campaign

A new patient safety programme is being launched by the Southern District Health Board. ›see story

Film icon. World Vision leadership conference serves a harsh wake-up call

More than a hundred school pupils have learned the ins and outs of leadership during a World Vision conference. The organisation chose Dunedin as the first location in its Australasia leadership conference tour, and it's served as a harsh wake-up call for those attending. ›see story

Film icon. Mosgiel pool development expected within five years

A new swimming pool complex at Mosgiel is likely to be developed within the next five years. That's the expectation of Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, following a planning workshop on the proposal. He says there's likely to be a crucial decision made even sooner. ›see story

Film icon. Your word on connecting to ultra-fast broadband

Almost half of Dunedin now has access to the fastest broadband internet in the southern hemisphere. It's the city's prize for winning the national gigatown competition. And with that in mind, the 39 Dunedin News Word on the Street team asked members of the public if they'll connect to a gigatown broadband plan. ›see story

Film icon. Plenty of local stems in bloom despite difficult growing conditions

Flower shows are as popular as ever in Dunedin, but with the official start of autumn comes the last of summer displays. The annual summer flower show run by the Dunedin Horticultural Society has been highly attended, exceeding organisers' expectations, and despite difficult growing conditions, there's still plenty of local stems in full bloom. ›see story