Dunedin Television|On Demand - Freeview|HD Channel 39 - Thursday, July 2nd, 2015


Dunedin Television gets great results for local advertisers - because it is local television. And that's something no-one else in Dunedin can offer.

Both the radio and newspaper are morning media. At night, television is king. Television is also a very powerful medium. It's illegal to place liquor ads on television before 8.30 at night, but you can pop them in the paper or on the radio any time you like.

That's an acknowledgment of the huge ability television has to influence opinion - greater than any other mass-market medium.

There's an authority and a prestige that comes from television. It's why government agencies and public health and safety providers use it as a medium of choice. It's the perfect medium to make eye-contact with thousands of people. You can smile, reassure, and engage prospective customers. It's almost like meeting thousands of people one on one.

Dunedin Television has a unique audience. It draws from all areas of Dunedin, all age groups and all socio-economic groups.

Everything people see on 9 Local News, or on Scarfieland, local sport and other locally made shows, they know is just a short drive away. There's an immediacy and intimacy that develops between viewers and the station.

Dunedin Television commercials have immediate relevance to viewers too. If viewers see something they like in a commercial they can respond to it the very next day. That's what current advertisers say. The advertising plays one day, the customers respond the next. That's why they advertise with Dunedin Television.

One of the big advantages of Dunedin Television for an advertiser is that they know when viewers are watching. The station knows, for example, that Dunedin Diary draws 10,641 people to a single half hour - 5.00 till 5.30pm on Wednesday evenings. Now that's targeting. It's more than a whole week's audience for some radio stations. It's that ability to target audience numbers with precision that leads to successful outcomes for advertisers.

Dunedin Television broadcasts 2,501 hours of local programming last year. In winter, a quarter of Dunedin's population tuned in for Grassroots Club rugby, Primetime Nuggets Basketball, and Off The Bar (our kids soccer show). In summer, we broadcast Montecillo lawn bowls every weekend. Local content is why people watch us and why our advertisers get great results.