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Film icon. Discovery World redevelopment moves into next phase

The redevelopment of the Discovery World attraction at the Otago Museum has reached a new stage. Kiwi company Story Inc has been appointed by the museum to assist in the multi-million dollar project. And it means plans can be firmed up for physical work to begin. ›see story

Film icon. Delegates drawn to Dunedin for design

A one-day conference about technology and design has drawn delegates from all over the country to Dunedin. ›see story

Film icon. Community mediation service launched

A community mediation service has been launched in Dunedin, after years of planning. The free service is being offered to people who can't afford formal mediation, or don't have access to it. And it's hoped the service will lead to a more resilient community in general. ›see story

Film icon. Four women undergo the razor for a good cause

Support for children's health care is linking supermarkets and hospitals nationwide, including in Dunedin. The Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal is in its eighth year and has so far generated almost $7m. And a little more money has been raised at Dunedin Hospital, where four women went under the razor. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin man completes bike ride across Japan

A 4000 kilometre bike ride across Japan is no mean feat. But Dunedin man Paul Gourlie has just completed the journey. And he's returned to the city, with quite the tale to tell. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin Community Gallery host student exhibition

An exhibition of exciting new works is on display at the Dunedin Community Gallery in Princes Street. ›see story

Page icon 2,000 new dwellings consented last month

Nearly 2,000 new dwellings were consented last month, but there are signs the trend is decreasing. Statistics New Zealand says the trend for new dwellings was previously at its highest level since August 2007. But it's now easing, although consents are still about 10% higher than this time last year. Last month the seasonally adjusted number of consented new dwellings decreased by 12%. ›read more

Film icon. SDHB prepares despite extremely low risk of Ebola outbreak in Dunedin

The Southern District Health Board is preparing to deal with the ebola virus. Staff say the risk of the deadly disease coming to New Zealand and Dunedin is extremely low. But they're making efforts to ensure they can contain the virus if it makes its way here. ›see story

Film icon. Blood donors desperately needed

There's a desperate call for Dunedin blood donors, with the city losing an estimated 175 each month. ›see story

Film icon. Hard work and commitment pays off for two Dunedin bodybuilders

Two Dunedin bodybuilders have arrived back in the city from a recent national event with some weighty trophies in their cases. Alex Spenceley and Joe Kelso went into the competition well conditioned. And they both say their hard work and commitment has paid off. ›see story

Film icon. New addition at Otago Museum makes a splash

A new addition to the aquarium at Otago Museum is making a splash. A dozen native fish have just been introduced to the aquarium, which has undergone a makeover. It's part of a collaborative project which is proving educational for all involved. ›see story

Film icon. NZ child poverty rates haven't improved since 2008

A new report from UNICEF shows child poverty rates in New Zealand haven't improved since 2008. That's prompted calls from locals for more governmental action to address the issue. And it seems even kids in Dunedin are feeling the effects of poverty. ›see story

Page icon The Orokonui Foundation set up to aid the ecosanctuary

A new foundation is being launched to aid the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. The Orokonui Foundation has been set up to raise money for development at the ecosanctuary. It's being launched this evening, on what is the fifth anniversary of Orokonui's official opening. Allied Press managing director and chairman Sir Julian Smith is taking on the role of the foundation's chairman. ›read more

Page icon One businesses for every nine people in New Zealand

There are almost half a million businesses in New Zealand - one for every nine people in the country. The highest rate of business growth is in the construction sector. Overall there were 487,900 businesses in February, when a snapshot was taken. That's up 2.5% on last year, and surpasses the previous peak in 2009. ›read more

Page icon DCC recognised nationally for exercise initiative

The Dunedin City Council has been recognised nationally for an exercise initiative. It won the cycle-friendly commitment award for a public organisation at a national conference held in Nelson. Dunedin mayor Dave Cull and other city councillors participated in a cycling programme to claim the prize. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin police offer reward for information on a cold case

A $50,000 reward is being offered by Dunedin police, in relation to a 12 year old cold case. Police suspect foul play in the disappearance of a Dunedin woman, and hope to solve the case. The monetary incentive is the latest attempt at flushing out information which could lead to a resolution in the mystery. ›see story

Film icon. Anglican Family Care staff taking industrial action

Staff working for Anglican Family Care are taking industrial action. They protested in the Octagon, as part of a wider programme of demonstration. And it's hoped that will lead to progress on the employment issues causing contention. ›see story

Film icon. Comprehensive study on Dunedin residents first of its kind in New Zealand

A comprehensive study on the movements of Dunedin residents is the first of its kind in New Zealand. The research is being conducted by an independent firm, on behalf of the Dunedin City Council. It involves tracking people's movements through GPS, and council staff expect the results to be extremely valuable. ›see story

Film icon. Local band releases single to celebrate their native language

The frontman of a local band is celebrating his native language with the release of a single that connects him with his culture. The song, called "Do What You Can Do", was recorded by Koile in 2014 in New Caledonia. It's a melody that's delivered in both English and Tokelauan. ›see story

Film icon. Your word on the quality of living in Dunedin

The latest national quality of life survey has been released. It's shown that most locals consider the city a great place to live. So the 39 Dunedin News Word on the Street team took to the streets to ask the public if they feel Dunedin is a good city to call home. ›see story

Page icon Dunedin to benefit from cruise ship schedule change

Dunedin is poised to benefit from the latest schedule change of a cruise ship, with the Oosterdam arriving on Thursday. Bad weather forecast for Tasman has prompted the captain to journey to Port Chalmers early. The ship was initially expected in Dunedin on Saturday, and it might stay in town until its scheduled departure that night. ›read more