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Page icon Columba College takes home the Young Enterprise Scheme Otago award

Columba College pupils have taken the top prize at this year's Young Enterprise Scheme Otago awards. The pupils formed a company called Reine and produced a promotional booklet about Dunedin. It won the overall prize, as well as the award for best annual review. The Otago Chamber of Commerce announced the awards, supported by the Lion Foundation. ›read more

Page icon Small increase in visitor numbers

There's been a small increase in visitor arrivals, up 1% in September compared to the same month last year. There were 193,000 visitor arrivals, the second-highest September total. That's after September 2011, when the Rugby World Cup brought more than 200,000 people to New Zealand. ›read more

Page icon Employment costs increasing

Employment costs are increasing, up 1.8% in the year to June. The non-wage component has risen 2%. That reflects higher costs for annual leave, statutory holidays, superannuation and workplace accident insurance. Costs associated with medical insurance and low-interest loans are also up. There has been a 1.7% increase in salary and wage rates, including overtime. ›read more

Page icon Mayoral delegation in China, strengthening ties with Qingdao

A mayoral delegation from Dunedin is in China, strengthening ties with the city of Qingdao. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull and a dozen education and business representatives are signing memorandums of understanding with their Chinese counterparts. They're developing an official Friendship City relationship between Dunedin and Qingdao, which is a major seaport on China's east coast. ›read more

Page icon Otago residents shop online more often than previous years

About 37% of Otago residents spend more money shopping online than they do in stores. And 60% are spending more online than they did last year. The statistics come from the latest national survey about online shopping trends. ›read more

Film icon. Half a million dollars to be spent on hiring two DCC project co-ordinators

More than half a million dollars is being spent by the Dunedin City Council to employ two project co-ordinators over the next three years. They'll work to increase Dunedin's reputation as an education capital, and grow the city's relationship with China. But not all councillors are happy with the cost of the co-ordinators' employment. ›see story

Film icon. Emerson's Brewery gets new premises

There has been a resolution in the long-running dispute over the Hall Bros Transport depot in Anzac Avenue. ›see story

Page icon Services sector accounts for less than 20% of the total business energy use

The total energy use of the services sector accounts for less than 20% of the total business use. That's despite the fact the services sector contributes 44% of New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product. And it covers 55% of people employed. Last year the sector used more than 75,000 terajoules of energy. That's an increase of less than 3% since 2010. ›read more

Page icon State Insurance closing its Dunedin office

State Insurance is closing all but one of its 22 branches, including its office in Dunedin. The company plans to close its Dunedin office, which has three staff, by the end of next month. About 91 workers are affected by the closures nationwide. State says most of its customers use telephone or internet services, rather than visit branches. ›read more

Film icon. Job cuts confirmed at Donaghys rope factory

Significant job losses at the Donaghys rope factory in South Dunedin have been confirmed. ›see story

Page icon Scott Technology wins national innovation award

Dunedin-based company Scott Technology has won a national innovation award. It won the agriculture and environment category of the New Zealand Innovators Awards, announced in Auckland last night. The company's automated lamb boning room secured its prize. It's an x-ray system that automatically scans a carcass and separates it according to the x-ray data, reducing bacteria and labour. ›read more

Page icon Cost of fresh fish risen in the last five years

The cost of fresh fish is increasing, with a 9.2% rise in the last five years. Statistics New Zealand has compiled a list of the most expensive, and the cheapest, fish available in New Zealand. At the top is snapper - the most expensive commonly available fresh fish - averaging $38 a kilo. Blue cod sits at $37.58 - on average $21 more per kilo than red cod. ›read more

Page icon New Zealanders use more internet data than last year

New Zealanders have already used 53% more internet data than last year. That's 53,000 terabytes, excluding data from mobile phone connections. It's the equivalent of streaming more than 12 million high definition movies. Almost half of all broadband connections have data caps of 50 gigabytes or more. Three years ago, only 4% had data caps that large. ›read more

Film icon. Green Island supermarket one step closer to establishment

The establishment of a new supermarket in Green Island is one step closer, thanks to the Dunedin City Council. ›see story

Page icon Digger equipment stolen from a Fairfield construction site

Dunedin police are investigating the theft of a 200kg digger piece from a Fairfield construction site. The hole-drilling equipment was allegedly taken from a Howarth Road property over the weekend. Sergeant Steve Aitken says it's possible the equipment was moved over a fence to be accessed from the motorway. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin real estate prices drop

Real estate prices have dropped in Dunedin, despite increases elsewhere in Otago. Dunedin prices were down 1% last month compared to September 2013, and were 5% less than in August. The median price was $265,000. But the volume of sales increased 22% for the month - to 152 sales. However that was 8% less than last September. ›read more

Film icon. Work begins to re-open the Captain Cook Tavern

Construction work has begun on the Captain Cook Tavern, which is set to be re-opened. ›see story

Page icon Food prices fall

Food prices fell 0.8% last month, following a small rise in August. Lower September prices reflected seasonally cheaper fruit and vegetables, down 6.5%. Grocery items fell 0.2%, with lower prices for butter and cheese. That was countered by a 1.2% rise in the cost of meat, poultry and fish. ›read more