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Film icon. City benefiting from nationwide tourism boom

Tourism is worth more than $400m to Dunedin each year. The city's benefiting from a nationwide tourism boom, with more visitors spending more money. And while industry leaders say Dunedin's got a solid grounding in the market, there's potential for its share to increase. ›see story

Page icon Otago University announces $200m spend on campus upgrades

The University of Otago has just announced more than $200m of campus upgrades. They include a new dental school and the major refurbishment of the existing chemistry building. Work on the dental school is expected to start in November, just after the science building project begins. Both projects have been in the planning stages for some time, but haven't been confirmed until now. ›read more

Page icon Decrease in new housing consents

The number of new houses being consented is starting to come down, following a four-year-long period of growth. In the last 12 months there have been 382 new houses consented in Dunedin. That's an average of just under 32 a month. Nationally the number of consents for new dwellings has more than doubled in the last four years. ›read more

Page icon Research and development business spending increasing

Businesses are spending more on research and development, and the trend is expected to continue. Commercial spend on research and development increased by $53m last year. The greatest rise in spending came from the services industry, mostly in relation to computer businesses. Their share of the market has almost doubled. ›read more

Film icon. Budding entrepreneurs get boost from business start-up event

Dunedin's budding entrepreneurs are buzzing from their big boost at a business start-up event. Mentoring from established professionals has kick-started several commercial proposals. And event organisers say that's proof of the fact that anyone can start a business. ›see story

Film icon. 60 Year old water pipelines to be replaced in in Pine Hill

The Dunedin City Council is spending over half a million dollars on a pipeline renewal project in Pine Hill. Over the next two months, the 60 year old water pipelines in the area will be replaced. And it's hoped the work will have additional benefits, helping reduce the risk of flooding in the north end. ›see story

Film icon. Otago businesses struggling to achieve successful development

A survey of Otago businesses shows many are struggling to find the time and money for successful development. Almost all expect profit to either stay the same or increase this year. But little things are going out the window, and some of the country's top professionals are responding to the call for help. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Lester Harvey

The removal of plants and shrubs from the Gladstone Road railway corridor has angered some Mosgiel residents. Lester Harvey has spent years co-ordinating beautification efforts in the area, and hopes a meeting with KiwiRail will lead to a positive outcome. ›see story

Page icon Dairy exports in decline

A downturn in dairy exports is driving the sector into decline, by hundreds of millions of dollars. Last month total goods exports fell by $608m compared to the previous February. Milk powder, butter and cheese led the fall, due to lower prices and a drop in quantities. More than three quarters of the drop in value was due to falling exports to China. ›read more

Page icon Government aims to reduce time taken for all court cases

The average civil court case in Dunedin takes more than six months to complete, as shown by the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice. In the last 18 months, the average length of civil cases in Dunedin has increased by just over 4%. The number's now sitting at 203 days per case. Local family court cases are also taking longer to complete than they used to. ›read more

Page icon Upcoming concerts expected to boost local economy

Accommodation providers are already anticipating sell-out bookings for the third major concert to be held in Dunedin this year. Fleetwood Mac will play at Forsyth Barr Stadium in November. The event's expected to bring millions of dollars into the local economy. Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond are also scheduled to play at the stadium, in April and October respectively. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin becoming popular destination for conference delegates

There's been a more than 30% increase in the number of conference delegates coming to Dunedin. The rapid rise of business tourism is largely due to the refurbishment of several key corporate venues in the city. And growth in the lucrative market is set to continue. ›see story

Film icon. Liquor law changes being decided in closed meeting

The controversial proposal changing Dunedin's liquor laws is being finalised. ›see story

Film icon. Skateboarding, tattoos and piercings bylaws up for review

The rules around skateboarding, tattoos and piercings in Dunedin are up for review. The city council's asking residents if they feel existing bylaws should be updated, and modern technology is making it easier for locals to have their say. ›see story

Page icon Entrepreneurs, mentors and investors gather to launch new businesses

Top businessmen and women from throughout New Zealand are coming to Dunedin to give advice to budding entrepreneurs. They're visiting for the fourth annual Startup Weekend, being held at Otago Polytechnic at the end of the month. It'll see entrepreneurs, mentors and investors gather locally to launch new businesses. ›read more

Film icon. DCC instates new internal audit policy

A new internal audit policy is in place at the Dunedin City Council. The council learned its lesson the hard way, being defrauded of about $1.5m by a former employee. And following a rebuke from Audit New Zealand, the council's taking action to ensure its finances are secure. ›see story

Page icon Price of food falls

The price of food is falling, giving consumers some relief from successive monthly increases. In the last month food prices have come down by almost 1%, led by cheaper fruit and vegetables. Meat's also less costly than it has been over summer, although the reduced price for some items is being countered by the rising cost of other products. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin's commercial accommodation nights on the rise

Dunedin's hosting more visitors than this time last year, with commercial accommodation nights up almost 3%. The rise in tourists is being led by New Zealanders visiting the city, as opposed to foreigners. Domestic guest nights have increased 10%, while the international equivalent is down by 5%. ›read more