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Page icon New home construction drops in Dunedin

There has been a slight drop in the number of new home construction being consented in Dunedin. In the first six months of this year, 155 new dwelling consents were issued, a smaller than usual monthly average. July 2014 had the highest number of new consents for any month, at fifty one. But more recently there have been less than 20 per month. ›read more

Film icon. George St. liquor licence application concerns police

Police and medical officers are worried about a liquor licence application for a George Street premises. ›see story

Film icon. DCC initiative links international students with employers

International students are getting a helping hand, to transition from study to work. An initiative led by the city council is linking students with employers, to keep skilled people in Dunedin. And it's being heralded as a win-win for all involved. ›see story

Page icon Otago consumers could save by switching energy retailers

Otago residents could have saved more than $17m in electricity bills last year. That's according to new data from the Electricity Authority. It shows the average Otago consumer could have saved almost $200 by switching to a cheaper energy retailer. In the last five years more than half of all Otago households have switched power companies. ›read more

Film icon. DCC waives rates for historic properties currently being upgraded

Just over $34,000 in rates is being waived by the city council. ›see story

Page icon Cargill Enterprises gifted funds for a new forklift

A South Dunedin business which employs and trains disabled residents is receiving a boost. Cargill Enterprises is the trading arm of the Otago Disabled Citizens Society and it's being given $37,000 for a new forklift, to increase operations. Z Energy is providing the funding through its 'ood in the Hood'campaign. ›read more

Film icon. Section of Logan Park to be sold

A section of Logan Park is being sold by the city council, pending public feedback. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Cle-Anne Gabriel

The manner in which electricity is consumed throughout the city is currently being studied by the University of Otago. Cle-Anne Gabriel has been tasked with assessing the efficiency of Dunedin's energy use. ›see story

Page icon Anglican Family Care pay dispute comes to a close

A lengthy pay dispute is over for local Anglican Family Care staff. They've battled to get a pay rise since last year. Negotiations with management, aided by union members, have finally come to a close. Staff went through the Employment Relations Authority to strike a living wage deal. There are just under 50 local staff, mostly women. ›read more

Film icon. Committee calls for major changes to alcohol advertising

University of Otago academics are calling for major changes to the rules surrounding alcohol advertising. They're part of the Independent Expert Committee on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship. And they're accusing the government of putting business interests before public health. ›see story

Film icon. Business expanding for Otago's disabled citizens society

The business arm of Otago's disabled citizens society is expanding, with a new $12,000 machine. Its purchase was made possible by a Dunedin businessman's donation. And while in many cases technology replaces manpower, this time it's creating jobs. ›see story

Film icon. Local research team highlights problems with ACC's processes

Serious problems with the process of fighting ACC decisions are being highlighted by a local research team. They're calling for legislative reform, and are about to meet with the government. And they hope it brings an end to decades of disparity. ›see story

Page icon Floating mortgage rates down with cuts to cash rate

There's likely to be more cuts to the official cash rate, following today's 25 basis point reduction. The cash rate's been cut to 3%, prompted by a softening economy and low inflation. It's good news for borrowers, and already floating mortgage rates are down. The Reserve Bank Governor says more cuts are likely to follow. The change has slightly lifted the New Zealand dollar. ›read more

Film icon. DCC throws more money into botched South Dunedin cycleway network

As the city council welcomes government funding for cycleway development, it's throwing more money into a botched network. The South Dunedin cycleway is riddled with errors, which the council's owning up to. And it'll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing its mistakes. ›see story

Page icon DCC's Waipori Fund above target for the first time since 2008

The city council's Waipori Fund is in a good position, above target for the first time since 2008. It's performed well in the past year due to strong equity in the bond markets and a weakening New Zealand dollar. The council's investment portfolio has a market value of just over $81m. That's a 13% return for the year, exceeding the official cash rate and consumer price index. ›read more

Page icon Less people on benefits than last year

The government's claiming a welfare victory, with less people on benefits than a year ago. National MP Michael Woodhouse says that includes 19 fewer beneficiaries in Dunedin. But there's still concern over local jobs, with regional manufacturing down significantly. The downturn's slightly mitigated in Dunedin by an increase in activity as a result of recent flooding. ›read more

Page icon Police pursue suspect in the theft of $22,000 cash

Police are pursuing a suspect in relation to the theft of $22,000 in cash from a local business. The money was stolen from a locked office inside a Frederick Street business earlier this month. Police aren't disclosing the identity of the company while their investigation continues. Nothing else has been reported stolen from the property. ›read more

Film icon. Nightly interview: Richard Roberts

There's change ahead in the local airline sector, with new regional flights on the horizon. That comes as Dunedin International Airport is re-branded. And chief executive Richard Roberts is here to talk about the changes, and the challenges ahead. ›see story