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Page icon DCC's financial position better than expected

The Dunedin City Council is finishing the financial year on a high, with an operating surplus of almost $8m. Its finance committee has just analysed the latest accounts, which show the council's in a better position than expected. It's received more money through its invested Waipori Fund, and saved on asset maintenance. ›read more

Page icon Rest home workers protest unsuccessful pay negotiations

Local members of Unions Otago have picketed outside a rest home in South Dunedin, to protest unsuccessful pay negotiations. The group organised a rally in Hillside Road, outside Fulton Home which is operated by Radius Care Rest Homes. Union members claim the organisation refuses to give workers an acceptable pay rise. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin businesspeople and researchers aim to improve local economy

Dunedin businesspeople are being asked to work with local researchers, to improve the city's economy. Staff at the University of Otago's School of Business are holding a public seminar, following a two-year study. They're wondering how Dunedin businesses will respond to key economic drivers in the next 25 to 50 years. ›read more

Page icon DCC's ethical investment strategy draws mixed reactions

There's mixed reaction to the Dunedin City Council's decision not to invest in fossil fuels and other industries deemed unethical. Just one vote swung the council's decision against investing its Waipori Fund in such industries. That includes tobacco, arms, gambling and pornography. The decision's being welcomed by Oil Free Otago members, who shun unethical public investment. ›read more

Film icon. Public holiday causes confusion

The first "Mondayised" public holiday is causing confusion in Dunedin's business sector. With ANZAC Day falling on Saturday, many locals observed the holiday on Monday. And now the Otago Chamber of Commerce is offering help to those unsure about how the new scheme works. ›see story

Page icon DCC considers ethical investing

Dunedin city councillors are deciding whether to continue investing money in companies and industries deemed unethical. They're being asked to vote on a report which outlines options for the council's Waipori Fund. The council can change the way it invests its money, towards more socially responsible industries. ›read more

Film icon. Thai professionals attend Dunedin development programme

Dunedin's main tertiary providers are joining forces to entice overseas governments to send employees to the city to learn. It's already resulting in 30 Thai healthcare professionals visiting Dunedin for a six week development programme. And programme providers hope it sparks interest from more government departments around the globe. ›see story

Page icon DCC surveys businesses to gauge satisfaction

Dunedin business people are being surveyed about their experiences dealing with the city council. They're being asked to complete an online survey set up by council staff, to gauge satisfaction. And businesses which have had direct contact with the council in the past year are being targeted via email. ›read more

Film icon. Nightly interview: Sophie Barker

A wide variety of people are involved in the local cruise ship industry, from taxi drivers to port workers. They've just been to a cruise season debrief, organised by Dunedin City Council business development advisor Sophie Barker. ›see story

Page icon New Emerson's Brewery complex calls for construction tenders

Tenders are being called for in relation to the multi-million dollar construction of a new Emerson's Brewery complex. It'll include a restaurant and bar, and is aimed at becoming a tourist attraction, similar to Speight's. The complex is being built on the former Hall Bros Transport depot site at the intersection of Anzac Avenue and Frederick Street. ›read more

Page icon Real estate market seeing increase in listings

The local real estate market is seeing an increase in new listings, as well as potential buyers. Data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand shows the number of sales in Dunedin is up 10%. That's compared to this time last year. Open homes are being well attended, and there are reports of more buyers from outside the region, which is lifting demand. ›read more

Film icon. Interview: Eileen Goodwin

Debate about the Southern District Health Board's proposal to outsource food preparation is heating up. Otago Daily Times health reporter Eileen Goodwin is following the story, and she joins us to discuss the latest developments. ›see story

Page icon Union members protest zero hour contracts

As union members protest around the country against zero hour contracts, the government's promising change. Dunedin MP Michael Woodhouse is the minister for workplace relations and safety, and he's spoken out about zero hour contracts, saying the most punitive aspects will be banned. ›read more

Film icon. City councillor slams proposal to outsource kitchen work

A Dunedin city councillor is slamming the proposal to outsource kitchen work by the Southern District Health Board. Councillor Kate Wilson's airing her concerns about what the deal could mean for struggling southern food suppliers. But those likely to take over say the new agreement could come with many positives. ›see story

Page icon Commercial guest nights across Otago rising every year

The need for more accommodation in Dunedin is evident in the increasing number of visitors staying in the city. The latest data from Statistics New Zealand shows commercial guest nights across Otago are rising each year. For the month of February they were up 5.7%. And a slightly lower increase was also recorded in January. ›read more

Film icon. Caversham residents oppose new childcare facility

Dunedin City Council planners are in support of a proposed childcare facility in Caversham, although it's opposed by neighbouring residents. ›see story

Film icon. All Dunedin homes to be warm, healthy and affordable by 2025

More Dunedin homes are being targeted by the city council, to receive insulation and energy efficient heating. The council aims to make every local home warm, healthy and affordable by 2025. And while progress is slow, members of the newly established Cosy Homes Trust are happy with what's being achieved. ›see story

Page icon Restaurant Brands gets rid of zero hour contracts

At least one major fast food conglomerate is planning to abolish zero hour contracts, following widespread national opposition. Restaurant Brands, which owns chains like KFC and Pizza Hut, claims it will end zero hour contracts by July. It's working on a new collective agreement, being negotiated with Unite Union. The union has about 2,000 members working for Restaurant Brands. ›read more