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Film icon. Struggling Dunedin residents set to benefit from new national budget

Struggling Dunedin residents are expected to gain the most from the government's new budget. Increases to benefits for some New Zealanders have just been announced. And a local university lecturer says the move has surprised many. ›see story

Film icon. Employment issues for disabled people brought to fore

Workplace challenges are nothing new, but they're often exacerbated for people with disabilities. In Dunedin the issues around employment for disabled people
are being brought to the attention of the local business community. And it's all part of an attitude change. ›see story

Film icon. Otago Peninsula road work brought forward

Planned road work along Otago Peninsula is being brought forward, following public demands for urgent improvements. ›see story

Film icon. Councillors vote to spend on physio pool despite concerns

Up to $300,000 will be spent on the physiotherapy pool by the Dunedin City Council. ›see story

Film icon. OUSA crowns 2015's best landlord

A local property manager is celebrating her status as Dunedin's best landlord. The title has been bestowed upon her by the Otago University Students' Association. And staff hope it will inspire other landlords to follow her example. ›see story

Page icon Mountain Biking Otago supreme winner at community awards

Mountain Biking Otago is the supreme winner of this year's Trustpower Dunedin Community Awards. The organisation will represent Dunedin at the national awards, being held in the city next March. Other local category winners include the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, YouthLine Otago and the Coastal Otago Scout Zone group. ›read more

Film icon. Police fitness programme targets at-risk youth

At-risk youth are being given a new direction in life, through a fitness programme run by the police. It's being implemented at local schools, pushing participants' limits in order to build their confidence. And it's establishing some important relationships as well. ›see story

Film icon. Physiotherapy pool campaign gets major boost

The campaign to save Dunedin's physiotherapy pool from closure is getting a major boost. $200,000 has been donated to the cause by a couple of local organisations. But big obstacles still stand in the way. ›see story

Film icon. Artistic endeavour connects marginalised youth

An artistic endeavour is connecting dozens of marginalised Dunedin youth. Fifty young people are involved in the inter-agency initiative, being organised for Youth Week. And it's set to brighten not only their lives, but those of all residents. ›see story

Film icon. Local union takes legal action against SDHB

Legal action is being taken against the Southern District Health Board. It has been initiated by local union members, in response to the DHB's decision to outsource food services. And with jobs on the chopping block, union members are hoping for a win. ›see story

Film icon. South Dunedin public library project moving too slow for some

Locals are urging the city council to speed up development of a new public library in South Dunedin. The council wants to continue consultation over the creation of a community complex, including a library. But that's taking too long for some. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Christeen Bates

Each year, more than a thousand children are given activity packs to pass the time while waiting in Dunedin Hospital's emergency department. Mosgiel woman Christeen Bates is involved in the initiative, and she's here to explain why she needs some help. ›see story

Film icon. Debate heats over proposed Mosgiel pool complex

Debate is heating up in Mosgiel over a proposed new swimming pool complex. More than a thousand residents have made submissions about the plan to the Dunedin City Council. And while most support the new development, some have strong reservations. ›see story

Film icon. Residents urged to learn sign language

There's a local push for more residents to learn sign language. It's the third official language of New Zealand, and while there's a lot of local support for deaf people, they hope to receive even more. ›see story

Film icon. Physio pool unlikely to be saved in time

Fundraising to save the local physio pool is not expected to meet its end-of-June deadline. Negotiations between the pool trust and the health board are continuing. But the need for a major cash injection is still critical for the complex to remain open. ›see story

Film icon. Asthma Otago urges sufferers to take control

Asthma Otago is urging locals with the condition to take control, amidst the increasing overuse of inhalers. Staff say Dunedin's notoriously substandard housing is also making life harder for local asthma sufferers. And they're targeting one demographic in particular. ›see story

Page icon Thieves active in St Kilda and Fairfield

More than a dozen burglaries throughout the weekend are being investigated by Dunedin police. Thieves have been most active in the suburbs of St Kilda and Fairfield. Houses are being targeted, with windows smashed and outdoor equipment like solar lights being stolen from backyards. In some cases thieves have entered homes through unlocked doors and open windows. ›read more

Page icon Rest home workers protest unsuccessful pay negotiations

Local members of Unions Otago have picketed outside a rest home in South Dunedin, to protest unsuccessful pay negotiations. The group organised a rally in Hillside Road, outside Fulton Home which is operated by Radius Care Rest Homes. Union members claim the organisation refuses to give workers an acceptable pay rise. ›read more