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Film icon. Scarfie Army strikes again

Otago Polytechnic students have been out and about in the community this week putting their hands up to make a difference. Pre-trade training students have been laying gravel and planting trees. And when 39 Dunedin News caught up with them they were busy painting the interior of a local organisation's new premises. ›see story

Film icon. March of a colourful kind will commemorate World War One

More than 1200 young people will walk in their brightest colours from Tahuna Park to the Oval later this year to commemorate World War One. It will be part of Embarkation Weekend, signalling 100 years since more than 1100 men left Otago for a war that killed 18,000 Kiwis. ›see story

Film icon. Hyde Street Keg Party a sea of colour

Dunedin's Hyde Street keg party was a sea of colour on Saturday, with more than 3,000 dressed-up students attending. Police, pilots and superheroes were just some of the costumes. However, despite an official invitation, the Duke and Duchess failed to make an appearance. ›see story

Film icon. Royal fever reaches high over weekend

It may have been cold in the city over the weekend but Royal fever was at an all time high, as thousands of people turned out to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple had a brief but busy itinerary in the city. ›see story

Page icon Regional Council to consider handing over bus network

The Otago Regional Council will this week consider handing over the city's bus network to the Dunedin City Council. A report to a meeting of the ORC says staff meetings have been held in the last six months to study the issue, after the DCC expressed interest in the idea. ›read more

Film icon. Pukehiki invites the city to see what a close community can achieve

A tiny Otago Peninsula community is celebrating two decades of ownership of its historic local buildings. Twenty years ago the Pukehiki community paid 10c for its local church, though keeping it, the local hall and tiny library standing has cost much more. This weekend Pukehiki is inviting the city to see what can be done with a close community and a commitment to its heritage. ›see story

Film icon. Sport Otago building life-long sporting connections

Sport Otago was hosting more than 100 energetic children at the Edgar Centre today. They were taking part in the annual Have-A-Go sports day. Organisers say giving young children the experience can lead to a life-long sporting connection. ›see story

Film icon. Keeping warm becoming a priority for many families

As the nights in Dunedin get cooler, keeping warm becomes a priority for many families. A collaboration between Public Health South, the Dunedin City Council and the Blueskin Resilient Communties Trust aims to address the problem of cold homes. And for many homeowners the solution to keeping warm can be as simple as keeping the curtains closed at night. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin MP plans to keep growing petition to save Invermay

A Dunedin opposition MP plans to keep growing his petition to save Invermay, despite it reaching 5000 signatures. ›see story

Film icon. The 39 Dunedin News team delves into the cycleway issue

Plans to introduce separated cycle lanes in Dunedin have met with mixed reactions from the public. Those in favour see it as a way to improve cycle safety, while some argue about the loss of car parks and money. Our 39 Dunedin News team decided to get to the bottom of the issue, and see how many cyclists really are using our roads and whether cycle lanes should be introduced. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin Night Shelter asking the community for help

The need for vulnerable people in the city to find somewhere to stay is on the increase, and the Dunedin Night Shelter is asking the community to help. ›see story

Film icon. Felines put their best paw forward to snag a ribbon

Pussy cats of all sizes, colours and breeds were on display at the New Zealand Cat Fancy Show in Dunedin, with each feline putting their best paw forward. Long-haired and short-haired breeds were displayed in front of judges to see whether or not they had the right look at the right time. ›see story

Film icon. Warm Dunedin trial draws to a close

About $2m million has been spent on heating and insulating Dunedin homes in the last year, as the DCC's Warm Dunedin trial draws to a close. ›see story

Film icon. Review of grants could affect those relying on community funding

Individuals and organisations relying on community funding may be affected by a DCC review of grants that contribute to social well-being in Dunedin. ›see story

Film icon. Freedom camping trial to continue

Residents of a Dunedin suburb look set to have to put up with some unwanted visitors for a little longer. Macandrew Bay has been the home of part of a DCC trial allowing freedom campers to stay overnight in cars and vans. A vote today saw that trial continue, though the search is on for a more suitable venue to deal with some less than savoury practices. ›see story

Film icon. Road safety improvements dominate discussion

Timing of aspects of Otago Peninsula road safety improvements dominated discussion at the first public meeting of this year's DCC annual plan consultation. ›see story

Film icon. Missing dog believed to be victim of foul play

A Mosgiel couple who lost their dog 11 days ago say they believe foul play is behind its disappearance. The one year old pooch was last seen on the 16th of March at the couple's Mosgiel property. The owners have pointed to a string of reports of dog thefts in Dunedin, but police say that might be more urban legend than fact. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Lynne Stewart

Today is International Purple Day for epilepsy, and Epilepsy New Zealand is marking the event for the third time. An estimated 90,000 people in New Zealand live with the condition. Lynne Stewart from Epilepsy New Zealand is here to tell us about the condition, and about Purple Day in Dunedin. ›see story