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Film icon. Community mediation service launched

A community mediation service has been launched in Dunedin, after years of planning. The free service is being offered to people who can't afford formal mediation, or don't have access to it. And it's hoped the service will lead to a more resilient community in general. ›see story

Film icon. Blood donors desperately needed

There's a desperate call for Dunedin blood donors, with the city losing an estimated 175 each month. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin police offer reward for information on a cold case

A $50,000 reward is being offered by Dunedin police, in relation to a 12 year old cold case. Police suspect foul play in the disappearance of a Dunedin woman, and hope to solve the case. The monetary incentive is the latest attempt at flushing out information which could lead to a resolution in the mystery. ›see story

Film icon. Abbotsford School pupils participate in an athletics day

While parts of the city are being battered by wind, it seems Abbotsford is a sheltered spot. That's been good news for Abbotsford School pupils, participating in an athletics day. And school staff are also happy - boasting about the kids bucking local sports trends. ›see story

Page icon Elderly man seriously injured in vehicle incident

Police are seeking witnesses to a vehicle incident in Mosgiel, in which an elderly man was seriously injured. The 91 year old pedestrian was hit by a Toyota Corolla, being driven by a 77 year old along Wickliffe Street. The incident occurred about 4.30pm on Thursday last week. The victim is still in Dunedin Hospital, having spent several days in intensive care. ›read more

Film icon. Sports coach and journalist honoured

Long-time sports coach and journalist Alistair McMurran has been honoured with a special presentation at the North East Valley Bowling Club. ›see story

Film icon. Presbyterian Support Otago calls on the government to combat rising poverty

Presbyterian Support Otago is calling for an increase in government welfare and wages to combat rising poverty. The call comes after the organisation's annual general meeting, where skyrocketing demand for services was noted. And now staff are looking at how they can deal with the increasing demand. ›see story

Film icon. Gift-filled shoeboxes set sail for Samoa

Needy children in Samoa are set to have a merry Christmas thanks to the efforts of generous locals. Hundreds of gift-filled shoeboxes are being sent to the island nation in coming days. And while a shoebox may be small, those behind the initiative say one is enough to change a life. ›see story

Film icon. Emergency lifebuoys repeatedly stolen

The recurring theft of emergency life-saving equipment is concerning city council staff as well as police. ›see story

Film icon. Carisbrook School's high-tech youth studio the first of its kind

A $50,000 state-of-the-art computing facility has opened at Carisbrook School. The high-tech youth studio is the first of its kind in the South Island. It's already being used by pupils, and it's hoped it will provide a unique opportunity for dozens of children. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Niall Shepherd

The Dunedin Returned and Services Association Welfare Trust has a new welfare officer. Niall Shepherd has taken up the role, and he's here to tell us all about it. ›see story

Film icon. Otago Polytechnic student gives back to the community

An Otago Polytechnic student is giving back to the community by raising money for the Dunedin Community Learning Centre. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin Creative Fibre Group experimented changing the colour of wool

Members of a local group dedicated to pursuing their passion for handicraft met over the weekend to learn a new skill. The Dunedin Creative Fibre Group experimented with techniques aimed at changing the colour of wool. And they hope to encourage others in Dunedin to indulge their creativity. ›see story

Film icon. Well preserved Maori fishing waka an exciting find

Papanui Inlet has offered up one of its secrets, in the form of a well preserved Maori fishing waka. A chance discovery by a group of locals has seen the waka removed from the inlet, for further safe keeping. It's an exciting find for Otakou rununga, who're looking forward to learning more about the historic vessel, to discover more about themselves. ›see story

Film icon. Job cuts confirmed at Donaghys rope factory

Significant job losses at the Donaghys rope factory in South Dunedin have been confirmed. ›see story

Page icon Ravensbourne house ransacked

A Ravensbourne house has been ransacked in a burglary. The home was entered during work hours yesterday, when a glass front door was smashed. A 42 inch flatscreen television was taken, and the home rummaged through. Police are also investigating the theft of property from a car parked in Knox Street. ›read more

Film icon. North East Valley gets electricity infrastructure upgrade

An upgrade of electricity infrastructure is being undertaken in North East Valley. ›see story

Film icon. Green Island supermarket one step closer to establishment

The establishment of a new supermarket in Green Island is one step closer, thanks to the Dunedin City Council. ›see story