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Film icon. FIFA mascot makes the rounds at Dunedin Hospital

An unusual-looking visitor has made the rounds of the children's ward at Dunedin Hospital. ›see story

Film icon. Dedicated jolly Saint Nick celebrates milestone

Only a few days remain before Christmas, and Santa is out in force around Dunedin. Peter Appleby is one of the dedicated people who dress up as jolly Saint Nick. And he's celebrating - but not just because of the holidays. ›see story

Film icon. Community rallies to see the Dunedin Night Shelter through to the New Year

A surge of holiday goodwill has been the saving grace for Dunedin's Night Shelter. Just last month, the Trust's Chairman said they didn't have enough money to operate until its next round of grants funding kicked in, in February. But the community heard their plea and has rallied to get them through to the New Year. ›see story

Film icon. DCC called on to help fund Mosgiel pool development

The Dunedin City Council has been called on to help fund a multi-million dollar pool development. Councillors have heard details of the proposal for a new Mosgiel aquatic facility. But they're not the only ones likely to be involved, with community members keen to take a leading role in the project. ›see story

Film icon. Anglican Family Care staff and management in bitter dispute

A fight between staff and management at Anglican Family Care is heating up, with a rally held outside the organisation's Dunedin office. ›see story

Film icon. Sawyers Bay environmentally-friendly greenhouse now finished

A greenhouse with an environmentally-friendly twist has been built at Sawyers Bay School. Its walls are constructed from recycled plastic bottles. And although the building project is now finished, it's not been without its share of difficulties. ›see story

Film icon. Community group hosts end of year Christmas party

It's all go in the Northeast Valley, with celebrations for the festive season. Community group The Valley Project has hosted an end of year Christmas party at the Dunedin North Intermediate swimming pool. And while fun events have been the group's speciality of late, members have much bigger plans for the new year. ›see story

Film icon. Child counselling service holds its annual street appeal

A local child counselling service is appealing for financial help to keep its doors open. The Chatbus charity has held its annual street appeal. And it's hoped that will pay off, because the organisation needs more than $100,000 to cover its costs next year. ›see story

Film icon. City-wide appeal results in large donation to local foodbanks

A huge amount of food has been donated by Dunedin residents to the city's four main foodbanks. Goods were collected by emergency service personnel and volunteers in a city-wide appeal. And that's set to bring Christmas cheer to those less fortunate within the community. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin non-profit organisations struggling financially

A survey of non-profit organisations in Dunedin has revealed a concerning trend. Many are struggling financially, with higher demand for services and a drop in resources. And that's prompted suggestions for drastic change, but that's not likely to be embraced by all. ›see story

Film icon. The Month That Was April 2014

The month of April was filled with highs and lows. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Dunedin, and a local man died in an inner-city bar. We take a look at those stories, as well as others making headlines at the time. ›see story

Film icon. Your word on your favourite Dunedin author

Dunedin is one of just eleven UNESCO creative cities of literature. So the 39 Dunedin News word on the street team took a list of prominent Dunedin writers into town, and asked people to choose their favourite. ›see story

Film icon. Thousands of walls being examined across Dunedin

A survey encompassing all of Dunedin is being undertaken by the city council. Thousands of walls are being examined in an effort to update council databases. And it's hoped the effort will ensure the city's ready for any potential worst-case scenarios. ›see story

Film icon. Paint party's future still in doubt

The future of a paint party at Logan Park is up in the air, after a liquor licence application for the event was rejected. ›see story

Film icon. $10,000 scholarship awarded to up and coming fashion designer

A $10,000 scholarship has gone to an up and coming fashion designer from Otago Polytechnic. The prize was awarded to Jessie Wong, to help her further her fashion design aspirations. And thanks to the money, she's able to get her business up and running faster than she ever imagined. ›see story

Film icon. Smoke free venues one decade on

It's been a decade since Dunedin bars, clubs and other hospitality venues became smokefree through new legislation. And local anti-smoking campaigners have gathered to celebrate the milestone. But some say the country's smokefree laws need to go even further. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Grant Hardy

Dunedin residents won't be left alone this Christmas, with the continuation of the community dinner. The long-time hosts retired last year, but the event has been picked up by the Acts of Kindness Charitable Trust. ›see story

Film icon. Families in need receive special Christmas delivery

Hundreds of toys are about to be distributed to Dunedin families in need this Christmas. ›see story