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Film icon. Dunedin residents up for a challenge in order to support cancer sufferers

People with cancer can face a steep uphill challenge right from the moment they're diagnosed. So a group of Dunedin residents are showing their support for those affected by tackling a steep challenge themselves. And while they say it's nothing compared to what cancer patients face everyday, it's still proving to be quite the 'Everest'. ›see story

Film icon. Portobello pontoon floats into town for repairs

The leaky Portobello jetty pontoon has been brought into the city for repairs. ›see story

Film icon. Community support group established in Dunedin

A community support group has been established for Dunedin residents dealing with a common ailment that effects thousands nationwide. The group's the first of its kind in Dunedin, and already dozens of people have signed up. And with many more residents dealing with the everyday challenges the condition brings, the group is set to become a welcome refuge. ›see story

Film icon. Old North East Valley post office faces revitalisation

Plans are under way to revitalise the old post office building in the North East Valley. ›see story

Film icon. Presbyterian Support Otago backs proposed housing warrant of fitness scheme

Presbyterian Support Otago has thrown its weight behind a proposed warrant of fitness scheme for rental housing in Dunedin. The organisation has undertaken research, which it says highlights the deterioration of the city's rental housing stock. And those involved hope to kick-start local conversation around housing with a new report. ›see story

Film icon. Old hand-press used to compile the works of a Port Chalmers artist

A book compiling music lyrics and images by a Port Chalmers artist is being created at the University of Otago. The work is all being done with an old hand-press - a long redundant method. And for the man who came up with the idea, it's a dream come true. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin man achieves two world firsts in a bodybuilding competition

Dunedin man Nick Chisholm has continued to beat the odds - competing in his first bodybuilding competition this afternoon. Chisholm deals with a condition called locked-in syndrome, meaning he is mentally alert in a body that won't respond. And after months of training, he showed off his body in an online competition, helping to complete two world firsts. ›see story

Film icon. Public feedback wanted on draft local alcohol policy

The Dunedin City Council is seeking public feedback on the draft local alcohol policy. Councillors agreed to make the proposal available for public consultation at a meeting today. And council staff are urging the community to speak up and shape the policy. ›see story

Page icon 380,000 eligible voters still not enrolled

There are still 380,000 eligible New Zealanders who haven't enrolled to vote. Over half of them are under 30, and time is running out if they want to have their say at the general election in September. Dunedin registrar of electors Dee Vickers says just over 78% of Dunedin North voters have enrolled. And in Dunedin South nearly 92% are enrolled. ›read more

Film icon. Tough times blamed for surge in food parcel demand

Tough economic times are being blamed for a surge in demand at Mosgiel's Community Food Bank. Staff say food parcel requests are among the highest levels recorded. But members of the public are digging deep to help. ›see story

Film icon. Divers hit the pool to fight against shark finning

Several Dunedin residents have hit the pool this afternoon, hoping to bring a stop to controversial fishing practice. ›see story

Film icon. Local supermarket launches fundraiser for the Dunedin Public Hospital

A local supermarket has launched a fundraiser for the Dunedin Public Hospital. It's part of a national campaign targeting medical facilities across the country. And those involved with the appeal have some lofty goals. ›see story

Film icon. Your word on the Caledonian Bowling Club

The Caledonian Bowling Club is looking for a new premises, after the Dunedin City Council announced it would sell the land it uses. Members of the club are mad the site has been taken away for the sake of greater council profit. So the Dunedin News team decided to ask the public whether the council should forsake profit to let the Caledonian Bowling Club stay. ›see story

Film icon. School uses sports events as a way to improve well-being

'Move your mood' is the new slogan behind one local schools push to get children involved in physical activity. More than 450 children from George Street Normal school took part in the schools annual cross country this morning. And with athletics also to be run this term, the school is using the sports events as one of five ways to improve their well-being. ›see story

Film icon. Students' Association works to introduce their culture to locals

Dunedin's Sri Lankan community is going from strength to strength with scarfies leading the charge. Members of the Sri Lankan Students' Association have been working to introduce their culture to locals. And they say there's a lot of love for their homeland. ›see story

Film icon. St Kilda Fire Station joining the 21st century

The St Kilda Fire Station is being completely refurbished for the first time since it was built. Construction is under way at the site to bring the building into the 21st century. And those involved with the station redevelopment say this project is just the beginning for the local fire service. ›see story

Page icon $64,000 raised at charity dinner

A charity dinner event in Dunedin last night raised $64,000 for Ronald McDonald House South Island. The Supper Club event saw about 200 Dunedin residents dining at 24 different locations in the city. They sampled food by some of the country's best chefs, at some unusual venues including a luxury boat and two train carriages. ›read more

Film icon. Scarves not just a winter warmer today

Despite the warm weather, a large number of Dunedin residents were wearing scarves today. But they weren't just any scarves, and they weren't only keeping necks warm. ›see story