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Film icon. Kiwi cyclist raising money for Diabetes New Zealand

Watch this video! A Kiwi cyclist is traversing the entire country to raise money for Diabetes New Zealand. The music teacher from Masterton has reached Dunedin, ahead of the last leg of his journey. And he's got a strong message for every New Zealander. ›see story

Film icon. Dying plane trees to be removed from Octagon

Contractors will start to remove two dying plane trees in the Octagon this evening. ›see story

Film icon. High standard of entries for this year's Dunedin to Brighton Veteran Vehicle Run

With most vehicles more than a century old, the annual Dunedin to Brighton Veteran Vehicle Run is not a fast-paced affair. The event has been going for more than six decades, and is the oldest of its type in the southern hemisphere. ›see story

Film icon. Residents celebrate Australia Day

Many of Dunedin's resident Australians have taken the day off work to celebrate Australia Day. ›see story

Film icon. Thousands get a taste of rural life

Thousands of people flocked to Mosgiel to get a taste of rural life at the weekend. Taking advantage of Dunedin's warm weather, attendees of the Otago Taieri A&P Show were treated to plenty of fun activities. And organisers took the opportunity to encourage people towards careers in the agricultural and pastoral sectors. ›see story

Film icon. Fringe Festival gets new headquarters

Dunedin's annual Fringe Festival is changing, for the benefit of artists, organisers and the public. The event has a new operations base, and a new look. It's hoped the new headquarters, unveiled just weeks out from this year's festival, will be a boon for the entire community. ›see story

Film icon. Annual gala at Brighton a roaring success

More than 10,000 people spent a sunny day at Brighton, where the 19th annual gala was a roaring success. Despite a traffic jam due to the event's popularity, all involved were thrilled with the outcome. And local charities are set to benefit from the money raised. ›see story

Page icon New Zealand dollar falls

The New Zealand dollar has fallen to its lowest level against the greenback in more than three years. The kiwi was down to 74.25 US cents this morning. That's come as investors sell euros and buy US dollars in anticipation of a revived American economy. The high US dollar is in turn pushing other currencies down. ›read more

Film icon. Taieri College undergoes makeover

Watch this video! While students and staff holiday, millions of dollars worth of construction is going into a new and improved Taieri College. Three old classroom and administration blocks are being replaced, at a time when the school's about to welcome its largest ever student population. And with classes resuming in just two weeks, the displacement will mean a tight squeeze for the start of the school year. ›see story

Film icon. DCC considers fluoridated drinking water in the city's outlying areas

While most of metropolitan Dunedin receives fluoridated drinking water, the city's outlying areas do not. Now the Dunedin City Council is looking at whether to rectify that, by upgrading five of its water treatment plants. But that's likely to upset some residents and cost millions, so councillors have asked for a second opinion. ›see story

Film icon. Future of old Caversham Tunnel up for discussion

Questions have been raised over the future of the old Caversham Tunnel, currently off limits to residents. The Dunedin City Council's been asked to fix unsealed sewer manholes inside the structure, so it's safe for public use. And that's got councillors looking ahead, to what might follow. ›see story

Page icon Radiology and oncology patients benefit from new equipment

New equipment at Dunedin Hospital is benefiting radiology and oncology patients. The Southern District Health Board has two new CT scanners, which have replaced old machines at the hospital. The new scanners emit less radiation and produce better images than the previous machines, which are almost ten years old. ›read more

Page icon Release date of gigabit internet speed announced

It's just been confirmed Dunedin will have access to the southern hemisphere's fastest internet from the 25th of February. Digital Community Trust chairman Peter Hills welcomes the news, which ends months of speculation about the implementation of ultra-fast broadband. With gigabit internet speed, Dunedin will be at the forefront of digital capacity - comparable to the world's top cities. ›read more

Page icon Jobs cuts at University of Otago's College of Education

More than 15 people have lost their jobs at the University of Otago's College of Education. They are the latest people to be made redundant since the college merged with the university in 2007. Money is at the heart of the problem - with the university having to subsidise the college. ›read more

Page icon Compensation case back on track for David Bain

David Bain's case for compensation is back on track, after almost a year on hold. The former Dunedin man, who spent 13 years in jail for murdering his family, was acquitted during a retrial in 2009. He seeks compensation from the government for wrongful imprisonment. Last February he put his compensation claim on hold, for a judicial review into the government's handling of it. ›read more

Page icon New Zealand chalks up first loss in Ice Hockey Championship

The New Zealand team has chalked up its first loss in the World Under 20 Ice Hockey Championship in Dunedin. Game 5 of the tournament saw New Zealand take on Mexico, who were desperate for a win after a crushing defeat against China. After the second period, the teams were tied at two, making for an exciting third period. ›read more

Film icon. Abundance of rental properties gives students upper hand

Watch this video! It's a busy time of year for tertiary students and landlords, with people moving in and out of flats across the city. Staff at the University of Otago's Student Accommodation Centre are helping people find their "home sweet home". And they say this year it's the students who have the upper hand, with an oversupply of rental properties. ›see story

Film icon. Dangerous man on the run in Dunedin

Police are searching for a man, considered to be extremely dangerous and on the run in Dunedin. ›see story

Film icon. Local museum calls for greater sports appreciation

There's no doubt New Zealanders love sport, but questions are being raised about the extent of national recognition for sporting achievements. The staff of a Dunedin museum are calling for greater sports appreciation throughout the country. And with Dunedin home to the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, the city's poised to play a crucial part. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin's public transport fate back up for debate

The future of public transport in Dunedin is once again up for debate. Dunedin city councillors have discussed whether the council should take over management of the bus network, as part of its long term plan. But the proposition continues to cause division. ›see story

Film icon. Highlanders back in training

The Highlanders are back in training, ahead of their first game this season. ›see story