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Film icon. Nightly interview: Shane Gallagher

In the lead-up to this month's election, the 39 Dunedin News team has invited all local candidates to come into the studio for an interview. Tonight Shane Gallagher, of the Green Party, joins us to talk about why he's running for the Dunedin South electorate. ›see story

Page icon Southern District Health Board involved in a fraud investigation

A multi-million dollar dispute involving the Southern District Health Board is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. The health board has been in dispute with South Link Health over contract payments since 2002. Neither party will disclose how much money is in dispute, but it could be up to $15m, counting interest. ›read more

Page icon Video Ezy making an effort to move with the times

Video Ezy is the latest brand to launch on-demand content through the internet, in an effort to move with the times. It's the largest franchised DVD rental chain in New Zealand, and now it's the only one to have an online rental platform. Video Ezy On Demand will allow users to pay for selected content, including thousands of movies and the latest releases. ›read more

Page icon Saint Clair esplanade may be getting a new addition

A life-size sculpture of a well-known local sea lion may be installed at the eastern end of the Saint Clair esplanade. The sculpture is likely to be commissioned by the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust. It's asked the Dunedin City Council for permission to have the sculpture installed, to honour the sea lion known as "Mum". ›read more

Film icon. New seating for the precinct district unveiled

Dunedin's ongoing warehouse precinct revitalisation project has passed another milestone. New seating commissioned by the Dunedin City Council for the area has been unveiled. But the newest additions to the precinct contain some secrets. ›see story

Film icon. Number of dogs in Dunedin rises, as does complaints

The number of dogs in Dunedin continues to rise, bringing an increase in dog-related complaints and more intensive control operations by the Dunedin City Council. ›see story

Film icon. 38 year old bus back on the road

After sitting dormant in a paddock for more than a decade, a 38 year old Dunedin bus is back on the road. The bus was operated in Dunedin for 17 years, then sold to an Oamaru transport company. But now it's back carrying Dunedin passengers, although it hasn't been easy getting the wheels to spin once again. ›see story

Film icon. Local charity celebrates a milestone

More than 100,000 kilograms of food destined for landfill has been recovered by a local charity. FoodShare has been retrieving unwanted food from a range of Dunedin businesses since early 2012. But even as the organisation celebrates its success, demand for its service is growing exponentially. ›see story

Film icon. Dunedin exhibits an art collection Japan banned

A collection of art work prohibited from public view in Japan is available for all eyes to see in Dunedin. The exhibition called 'Shunga' is a collection of Japanese erotic prints. And while some people may consider them pornographic, a local art historian says the work is quite remarkable. ›see story

Film icon. Nightly interview: Fran Bolgar

An initiative has just begun in Dunedin which aims to increase the community's resilience and sustainability. It's called the Big Green Challenge, and it offers grants for projects that work towards an environmentally friendly future. ›see story

Page icon Citifleet fraud scandal costs the DCC another manager

Another manager at the Dunedin City Council has resigned over the alleged Citifleet fraud. Kevin Thompson was the group manager of regulatory services, and had oversight of Citifleet. He's currently on leave, but has just tendered his resignation effective from October 3. It was announced in a statement released earlier this evening. ›read more

Page icon Stolen firearm and ammunition concerns police

Dunedin police have concerns about the theft of a firearm and ammunition from a vehicle parked in the North-East Valley over the weekend. A hunting rifle and a box of bullets was stolen from the vehicle, which was parked in Arden Street on Saturday night. The vehicle owner discovered a passenger door was left ajar, when checking on the vehicle yesterday morning. ›read more

Page icon Export volumes fall, import volumes rise

Export volumes have fallen 5.3% in the last quarter. But import volumes have risen, up 3.6%. Statistics New Zealand says export volumes recorded their largest fall since the March 2008 quarter. That was largely due to falls from high levels in key areas such as meat, forestry and dairy. Import volumes have been steadily rising - up 19% over the last seven consecutive quarters. ›read more

Film icon. Initiatives launched to register not enrolled Dunedin residents

More than 14,000 Dunedin voters are still not enrolled - with less than three weeks to go before the general election. Statistics from the Electoral Commission show the majority of those not enrolled are aged 18 to 24. And with time running out, a range of initiatives are being set up to register remaining Dunedin residents. ›see story

Film icon. Protesters oppose National-led government

Dozens of protesters took to central Dunedin streets on Saturday, to demonstrate their opposition to the National-led government. ›see story

Film icon. DCC committee discusses the physiotherapy pool's future

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for Dunedin's physiotherapy pool, earmarked for closure by the Southern District Health Board. The Dunedin City Council's community and environment committee discussed the pool's future at a meeting this afternoon. And members have made some recommendations for the council, which could come as good news to pool users. ›see story

Film icon. Special Rigs for Special Kids a trucking good time

A glimpse at the life of a trucker was on offer for the children taking part in the weekend's Special Rigs for Special Kids. The annual event gave about 300 children with disabilities the chance to ride around Dunedin's suburbs in trucks. And the man who's kept the event running for over two decades says new people are still jumping at the chance to participate. ›see story

Film icon. Scottish Festival attendees dance up a storm

A highland dancing workshop was held at the weekend, as part of the annual Dunedin Scottish Festival. ›see story