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Page icon Gross domestic product buoyed by growth in the primary industries

Gross domestic product is up slightly, buoyed by growth in the primary industries. Milk production, oil exploration and gas extraction have all increased. And that's pushed GDP up, with some of the strongest growth seen in 15 years. Agriculture and mining are key drivers of the move, while the forestry and logging industry is down. Manufacturing activity has also grown. ›read more

Page icon New Zealands's account deficit has grown

The country's account deficit has grown, and it's now the largest it's been in almost six years. An account deficit means the country's earned less than it's spent. It relates to offshore income and overseas expenditure. At present the country's got a deficit of $2.5b. That's a debt increase of almost $500m from June. ›read more

Page icon Number of dairy cattle in New Zealand continues to rise

The number of dairy cattle in New Zealand continues to rise. Statistics New Zealand says there's now about seven million dairy cattle in the country. Generally good pastoral conditions over the last 18 months have contributed to the increase. But sheep, beef and deer numbers have fallen. There were about 30 million sheep nationwide, as at June. ›read more

Page icon Wholesale trade increases heading into Christmas

Wholesale trade for groceries, liquor and tobacco has increased, heading into Christmas. Statistics New Zealand reports that trade sales of those products are up by $74m. That's in the last quarter of this year. Trade sales of motor vehicles and associated parts are also up. That sector has risen by 2% - a value of $39m. ›read more

Page icon Prime Minister John Key sneaks into town

Prime Minister John Key has been in town, but he's kept his visit quiet. It's understood he was involved in several private meetings. There was no official word of his visit to Dunedin, and he didn't make any public appearances. His last public visit to the city was in mid-September. ›read more

Page icon Fonterra reduces forecast farmgate milk price

Fonterra has reduced its forecast farmgate milk price by 60 cents. The price has dropped from $5.30 per kilogram of milk solids. The new forecast price is $4.70 per kilogram. Fonterra chairman John Wilson says farmers were expecting the reduction. But he says it will still put pressure on farming budgets. The price drop is a result of the volatility in global dairy markets. ›read more

Film icon. The Month That Was April 2014

The month of April was filled with highs and lows. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Dunedin, and a local man died in an inner-city bar. We take a look at those stories, as well as others making headlines at the time. ›see story

Film icon. $10,000 scholarship awarded to up and coming fashion designer

A $10,000 scholarship has gone to an up and coming fashion designer from Otago Polytechnic. The prize was awarded to Jessie Wong, to help her further her fashion design aspirations. And thanks to the money, she's able to get her business up and running faster than she ever imagined. ›see story

Film icon. South Island Marching Championships takes over Edgar Centre

Traditional marching has been paired with more contemporary dance at the South Island Marching Championships. The two-day event took over the Edgar Centre recently. And while marchers paid homage to the sport's military roots, they also got their boots moving to some more modern hits. ›see story

Film icon. The Month That Was March 2014

It's time now to take a look at what made the news in March. It was a big month for music and the arts. And the seeds were planted for some of the year's biggest stories. ›see story

Film icon. Smoke free venues one decade on

It's been a decade since Dunedin bars, clubs and other hospitality venues became smokefree through new legislation. And local anti-smoking campaigners have gathered to celebrate the milestone. But some say the country's smokefree laws need to go even further. ›see story

Film icon. Local student association withdraws from national union

The Otago University Students' Association is formally withdrawing from the national student union. It's been a founding member for almost 100 years - since the union was established in 1929. And as the local group prepares to move on, questions are being asked about the future of the country's student representation. ›see story

Film icon. Top New Zealand cyclists win Dunedin mountain biking event

Mud, sweat and mountain biking were all part of the third annual Enduro race held in Dunedin at the weekend. Top New Zealand cyclists Anton Cooper and Rosara Joseph were the two big winners from the event. But their victories aren't the only things being celebrated. ›see story

Page icon Building activity reaches new high

The quarterly value of building activity has reached a new high. It broke through the $4 mark for the first time, during the September quarter. Most of the work was for residential properties. Overall building activity is up 1.5%. It's the tenth consecutive quarter that construction has increased. ›read more

Page icon Dairy prices decrease by almost 5%

A significant fall in dairy prices has affected the merchandise terms of trade. That has decreased in the last quarter by almost 5%. Data compiled by Statistics New Zealand shows export prices overall have fallen more than import prices. And dairy is the most significant driver of that downturn. Dairy prices fell 11% in the September quarter. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin cafe the best in the country

A Dunedin cafe has been judged the best in the country for its superb coffee, fresh food, upbeat atmosphere and helpful staff. ›see story

Film icon. Design students win national sustainable construction challenge

Four Otago Polytechnic design students have won a national sustainable construction challenge. They've built a simple wooden room that combines some clever modern elements. And work is now turning to the kit-set version, for more widespread and varied use. ›see story

Page icon Consent activity for new homes easing

Consent activity for new homes is easing across the country. The number of new dwellings being consented has stayed high throughout the year. And while the trend is dropping off, the market remains strong. It's about 6% higher than this time last year, as shown in the latest data from Statistics New Zealand. ›read more