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Film icon. Nightly interview: David Clark

Dunedin North MP David Clark has just been promoted in the latest Labour Party caucus reshuffle. He's number 10 on the caucus list, which is his highest position to date. ›see story

Film icon. OUSA leaves national students' association union

The Otago University Students' Association is pulling out of the national students' association union. ›see story

Page icon Value of New Zealand exports fall

The overall value of goods exported from New Zealand has fallen. Figures show that exports were down more than $200m in October, compared to the same month last year. The fall is largely related to goods exported to China, such as milk powder. Huge reductions in the quantity and value of milk powder exported to China has cost hundreds of millions of dollars. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin residents saving money for Christmas

Dunedin residents seem to be saving more money for Christmas than anyone else in the South Island. Figures have been compiled by NZCU South, in relation to the number of members opening Christmas-specific savings accounts. In Dunedin more than $1.5m has already been saved in such accounts. That's more than five times the amount saved overall in Christchurch. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin MP number 10 on Labour's list

Dunedin North MP David Clark has been promoted in the Labour Party caucus reshuffle. He's now number 10 on the party list - his highest position to date. Newly elected Labour leader Andrew Little revealed his new caucus this morning. Clark has gained the economic development portfolio, which will pit him against Steven Joyce. He's retained his associate roles for finance and health. ›read more

Film icon. Dangerous man on the run in Dunedin

A member of a highly-organised Auckland drug ring is believed to be on the run in Dunedin. ›see story

Page icon New Zealand small business sector faltering

A new survey has found that New Zealand's small business sector is faltering. The survey was conducted by CPA Australia, one of Australia's largest professional accounting bodies. It's conducted annual small business surveys for Asia and the Pacific over the last six years. ›read more

Film icon. Government invites petroleum companies to bid for exploration rights

The government is going through the process of inviting petroleum companies to bid for next year's exploration rights. It's known as the petroleum block offer, and in the past it's been met with support as well as resistance from the Dunedin community. So now the city council is seeking public feedback on the issue, to include within its own submission. ›see story

Page icon Price of fresh fruit and vegetables decreases

The last month has seen fresh fruit and vegetables become cheaper throughout the country. Prices fell the most for tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. There was an increase in the overall cost of other food items however, with chocolate, milk and meat all more expensive during October. ›read more

Page icon Otago tourism fared well through winter

The latest statistics on tourism show Otago has fared relatively well through winter. The number of commercial guest nights in the region are up slightly on the same time last year. In July, August and September there were about 1.2 million commercial guest nights in Otago. In the year to September more than 5 million commercial guest nights were recorded in the region. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin freight company purchased by global competitor

A Dunedin freight company has been purchased by a global competitor. DCB International has been based in Dunedin for 45 years. It's been bought by Mainfreight for an undisclosed sum, and will continue operating under the new owner. The purchase was highlighted by Mainfreight in its half-year financial report, released this week. ›read more

Film icon. Top fashion designers scrutinised for iD Dunedin Fashion Week

The country's top fashion designers are being scrutinised, for selection into next year's iD Dunedin Fashion Show. Each year the iD committee receives dozens of portfolios from designers eager to showcase their latest collections at the event. And this time it's one woman's job to choose the line-up, set to wow thousands on the Dunedin Railway Station runway. ›see story

Page icon Electronic spending increases

New Zealanders continue to increase the amount they're spending with electronic cards. There was a 1.5% rise last month, to more than $6b. It was the first time spending has risen in all six monitored retail industries since May. The three largest increases were in the categories of durables, fuel and consumables. Fuel was up the most, by $16m. That equated to an increase of 2.2%. ›read more

Film icon. National science expo visits the city

Dunedin school pupils are getting an in-depth look at the world of science thanks to a national expo visiting the city. It has been set up at Carisbrook School, where it'll stay open for the next couple of days. And a new perspective on science is what the clever minds behind the show hope to give local children. ›see story

Page icon Alliance Group announces profit

Alliance Group farmer shareholders will receive a pool payment for the first time in three years. The company has announced an operating profit of $17.6m over the last year. That's up from $8.4m in the previous year. The better financial result means there's a $7m pool payment for shareholders. Alliance Group turnover has increased to $1.46b. ›read more

Page icon Residential property values increase

Nationwide residential property values for October have increased 5.9%, but growth is slow. Values were up 1.1% percent over the last three months - the slowest rate since October 2012. The Auckland market has increased 9.2% year on year, while values are falling in Dunedin. Home values in the city overall are down 0.2% for the last three months. ›read more

Film icon. Community fan day held to meet the New Zealand Kiwis

Excited sports fans got a chance to get their rugby league fix in Kaikorai Valley this morning. The New Zealand Kiwis held a community fan day to give young Dunedinites some face to face time. And it proved a good way to promote Saturday's history-making match. ›see story

Page icon Unemployment is falling

Rising employment is more than keeping up with New Zealand's growing population, while unemployment is falling. Statistics New Zealand says unemployment has fallen to just 5.4%. Due to strong migration, the country's had its largest annual rise in population in a decade. There were 72,000 more people employed over the last year, and 64,000 more people in the country. ›read more