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Page icon Drop in dairy means lower exports in January

January exports have fallen significantly in the last year, down $371m. The major drivers are milk powder, butter and cheese products. They've fallen 30% overall. January exports brought in $3.7b. Lower milk powder prices are a massive factor in the downturn. Not even record quantities of meat exports for the month could balance the drop in dairy. ›read more

Film icon. Local MPs clash over zero hour contracts

Local politicians are clashing over employment law, and in particular the subject of zero hour contracts. Dunedin North MP David Clark, of the Labour Party, wants them abolished, and that's attracted criticism from National minister Michael Woodhouse. But the pair have managed to find some common ground. ›see story

Page icon Dunedin's Shanton store to remain open despite national cut backs

Dunedin's Shanton store is one of the only ones remaining open across the country. The company's in voluntary administration, and its sale is being negotiated with five interested parties. Shanton owes more than $7m to creditors, including staff and Inland Revenue. Of the 37 stores nationwide, only ten will remain open, and 70 full time equivalent staff have lost their jobs as a result. ›read more

Film icon. National organisation puts children on the path to healthy smiles

A national organisation is making teeth a priority, for the benefit of local children. A recent oral health survey shows almost half of all Kiwi kids under the age of four don't get seen by dental professionals. So Plunket has partnered with Colgate to ensure families are on the right path to having healthy smiles. ›see story

Page icon Former Silver Fern Farms staff awarded redundancy payments

More than $3m in redundancy payments is being awarded to former Silver Fern Farms staff. Local meat workers have been fighting for more than a year with Silver Fern Farms over the payments. Initially the company refused to make more than 100 workers redundant, despite having no work for them. That was when their usual lamb processing season was cut. ›read more

Film icon. Nightly interview: Michael Woodhouse

It's been a year since the government introduced Driver Licence Stop Orders, which allow police to confiscate licences for overdue fines. In Dunedin that's seen almost half a million dollars in fines paid by drivers keen to keep their licences. Police minister Michael Woodhouse joins us to talk about the initiative. ›see story

Page icon Sparks gigabit internet late to the party

One of the country's largest telecommunication companies is lagging behind in Dunedin. Spark has confirmed its gigatown packages won't be available until the middle of the year. That's despite widespread connection to gigabit internet speed becoming available next week. Spark is compensating by offering Dunedin residents discounts on its ultra fibre network. ›read more

Page icon Otago has lowest birth rate

Otago has the lowest birth rate in the country, while Northland has the highest. The national average is just over two children per woman, but Otago females only average 1.6. It's believed that has a lot to do with the university population in Dunedin. Statisticians say the large number of female students in the city tend to delay motherhood until they've completed their qualifications. ›read more

Page icon Fruit and vegetable prices up

General food prices are up already this year, with fruit and vegetables leading the way. In January alone food prices rose 1.3 percent, following a stable last few months. Chicken, energy drinks and yoghurt prices were down, but that wasn't enough to counter spikes in fresh produce. ›read more

Page icon National Innovation Partnership aim to make the most of faster internet speed

Members of the national Innovation Partnership are planning how they can help Dunedin residents and organisations make the most of faster internet speed. They held a meeting in the city this week, to discuss ideas with various business leaders and stakeholders. ›read more

Page icon Fuel prices back on the rise

Savings at the pump are dwindling, with fuel prices starting to rise again. In the last ten days fuel prices have increased four times, due to New Zealand's weak dollar coupled with higher crude oil costs. Petrol is up 14 cents per litre, while diesel is up 9 cents. Statistics New Zealand reports lower retail spending through January, largely due to fuel savings. ›read more

Page icon Labour leader cancels visit to Dunedin

Labour leader Andrew Little has cancelled his first official visit to Dunedin. He was due to spend Thursday in the city, but will instead attend the North Island funeral of a Maori leader. Little's planned Dunedin visit would have been his first as Labour leader. Staff at his office say he'll reschedule the visit, although a date has yet to be set. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin awaits FIFA U-20 World Cup draw

Dunedin residents will soon know which international football teams will play in the city for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. ›see story

Page icon National Lamb Day declared

A new national day of recognition, recently announced by the government, has a unique significance in Dunedin. February the 15th has been officially declared National Lamb Day. It's intended to be a celebration of New Zealand's long history of exporting red meat. ›read more

Film icon. Exhibit highlights similarities between New Zealand and New Caledonia

The unlikely similarities between New Zealand and New Caledonia are being highlighted in a local exhibition. It tells of the mutual suffering felt in both nations as a result of war. And it's bringing together the living descendants of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on either side. ›see story

Page icon Hospice benefis from nationwide business fundraiser

The Otago Community Hospice is benefiting from a nationwide business fundraiser, from which it has received just over $32,000. The money was donated by people visiting the Dunedin Farmers store in the lead-up to Christmas. Nationwide more than $600,000 was given to hospices through the charity drive. ›read more

Film icon. Deep sea oil and gas exploration again rousing comment

Deep sea oil and gas exploration is again rousing comment from local residents and councillors. The Dunedin City Council is sending a submission on the issue to the government, highlighting local concerns. And although councillors are split on exploration in theory, all agree there's a need for more public disclosure. ›see story

Page icon National unemployment rate rises

The national unemployment rate has risen in the last quarter, and is now almost 6%. But there are also more people entering the labour force, driving employment up in some regions. Over the last year there's been an increase in the number of people in employment overall. Auckland and Canterbury jobs are contributing the most to that trend. ›read more