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Film icon. Dramatic rise male primary school teachers

Dunedin's bucking the national trend for male teachers. There's been a dramatic rise in the number of men becoming primary school teachers. And a local academic says while the city's come a long way, there are still gender-related issues to tackle. ›see story

Page icon Nurses and midwives embroiled in national pay negotiation

Local nurses and midwives are embroiled in a national pay negotiation, set to come to a head this week. Many nurses and midwives working for the Southern District Health Board are members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation. The organisation is negotiating with all DHBs over wage increases and improved employment conditions. ›read more

Page icon New national brain research project being launched in Dunedin

A new national brain research project is being launched in Dunedin, to unlock the secrets of the ageing brain. University of Otago staff are involved in the study, which also includes researchers based in Auckland. The project's funded through the government. Otago University became the co-host to the national brain centre of research excellence last year. ›read more

Film icon. Struggling Dunedin residents set to benefit from new national budget

Struggling Dunedin residents are expected to gain the most from the government's new budget. Increases to benefits for some New Zealanders have just been announced. And a local university lecturer says the move has surprised many. ›see story

Page icon Government announces its record health budget

The government's announced what it calls a record health budget, but there's no knowing whether more money will flow south. Last time Health Minister Jonathan Coleman visited Dunedin Hospital, he promised more money for the outdated facility. He's just announced an extra $320m for district health boards in the coming financial year. ›read more

Page icon Tourism workers desperately needed in Otago

More tourism workers are desperately needed in Otago, as well as throughout the country. That's the message from the Tourism Industry Association, which predicts rapid growth over the next few years. It estimates as many as 36,000 additional full time equivalent jobs will need to be filled within the next decade. ›read more

Page icon Medical staff planning strike

Local medical staff are planning to strike over pay negotiations. Medical physicists, who provide radiation services to cancer patients, are due to strike for five days at the end of the month. In Dunedin, they'll refuse to work any overtime during the strike period. Medical physicists elsewhere in the country also plan to strike. ›read more

Page icon Increase in electronic spending

Shoppers spent $4.5b using electronic cards last month. That's an increase of almost $200m compared to last April. Statistics New Zealand says card spending rose in all retail industries except for fuel. The 4% increase is in line with general retail trends, up overall over the last decade. ›read more

Page icon Labour leader to visit Dunedin

Andrew Little is expected to make his first official visit to Dunedin, six months after being elected leader of the Labour Party. His absence thus far comes after Labour has long criticised the government for ignoring the regions. Little is due to spend one day in Dunedin, on Monday. ›read more

Film icon. Nightly interview: Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere

The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill has passed its final reading in parliament. It brings greater clarity, transparency and enforceability to New Zealand's animal welfare laws. And University of Otago law lecturer Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere joins us to explain what it means. ›see story

Page icon Reserve Bank head of operations in Dunedin

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand's head of operations is in Dunedin, offering residents a unique insight into his day-to-day work. Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand is involved in several local events, including a long lunch with members of the Otago Chamber of Commerce. He's also delivered a careers talk at the University of Otago, for all students interested in the banking sector. ›read more

Page icon New record set for visitor numbers

Just under 300,000 overseas visitors entered New Zealand last month - creating a new March record. The Cricket World Cup is being cited as a significant contributor to the increase. An average of about 10,000 people arrived every day of the month, hiking last year's numbers up by 15%. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin a leading example in animal care

Animal welfare workers say puppy milling and dog fighting don't appear to be problems in Dunedin, as opposed to other parts of the country. The positive disparity has been highlighted during a visit by politicians to the Otago SPCA. And staff are pleased Dunedin's a leading example in relation to animal care in New Zealand. ›see story

Film icon. Otago Polytechnic solving teaching qualification problem

A new qualification at Otago Polytechnic is solving a problem for people wanting to become tertiary teachers. The internship programme is believed to be the first of its kind in New Zealand. And it's only being offered in Otago, but is set to boost the tertiary sector throughout the country. ›see story

Page icon Union members protest zero hour contracts

As union members protest around the country against zero hour contracts, the government's promising change. Dunedin MP Michael Woodhouse is the minister for workplace relations and safety, and he's spoken out about zero hour contracts, saying the most punitive aspects will be banned. ›read more

Film icon. Visiting film-maker calls for end of marijuana prohibition

A visiting international film-maker is calling for the end of marijuana prohibition in New Zealand. He's premiering a documentary inspired by Dunedin's cannabis legalisation movement at the University of Otago. And with drug law reform a hot topic, he says the status quo is doing more harm than good. ›see story

Page icon Commercial guest nights across Otago rising every year

The need for more accommodation in Dunedin is evident in the increasing number of visitors staying in the city. The latest data from Statistics New Zealand shows commercial guest nights across Otago are rising each year. For the month of February they were up 5.7%. And a slightly lower increase was also recorded in January. ›read more

Page icon Restaurant Brands gets rid of zero hour contracts

At least one major fast food conglomerate is planning to abolish zero hour contracts, following widespread national opposition. Restaurant Brands, which owns chains like KFC and Pizza Hut, claims it will end zero hour contracts by July. It's working on a new collective agreement, being negotiated with Unite Union. The union has about 2,000 members working for Restaurant Brands. ›read more