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Page icon Dairy exports in decline

A downturn in dairy exports is driving the sector into decline, by hundreds of millions of dollars. Last month total goods exports fell by $608m compared to the previous February. Milk powder, butter and cheese led the fall, due to lower prices and a drop in quantities. More than three quarters of the drop in value was due to falling exports to China. ›read more

Page icon Government aims to reduce time taken for all court cases

The average civil court case in Dunedin takes more than six months to complete, as shown by the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice. In the last 18 months, the average length of civil cases in Dunedin has increased by just over 4%. The number's now sitting at 203 days per case. Local family court cases are also taking longer to complete than they used to. ›read more

Page icon Dunedin North MP David Clark presents Invermay petition to parliament

Dunedin North MP David Clark has presented his Invermay petition to parliament, with more than 12,000 signatures. Dr Clark is the economic development spokesperson for the Labour Party, and he says he's overwhelmed by the level of support for the petition. It asks the government to save the Invermay agricultural research campus near Dunedin, rather than shift staff north. ›read more

Film icon. Local swimming club takes silver in national competition

A local swimming club has claimed second place in a major national competition held at Moana Pool. ›see story

Film icon. Lion club convention draws members from all over the country

Members of different Lions clubs from around the world are gathering in Dunedin for a three-day convention. The event begins this evening, and involves a special guest who's generating excitement among local organisers. ›see story

Page icon Student union demonstration held at the University of Otago

A demonstration involving top representatives from national student unions has been held at the University of Otago. It was lead by the presidents of the Tertiary Education Union and the New Zealand Union of Students' Associations. They were joined by several locals, gathered at the university's registry steps opposite the Leith. The rally began at 1pm. ›read more

Page icon Entrepreneurs, mentors and investors gather to launch new businesses

Top businessmen and women from throughout New Zealand are coming to Dunedin to give advice to budding entrepreneurs. They're visiting for the fourth annual Startup Weekend, being held at Otago Polytechnic at the end of the month. It'll see entrepreneurs, mentors and investors gather locally to launch new businesses. ›read more

Film icon. Moana Pool hosts four-day swimming competition

Hundreds of swimmers from throughout New Zealand have travelled south for a major swimming competition. Moana Pool is hosting the four-day division 2 event with the first sessions launched today. And competition is fierce, with the chance to rise up the New Zealand swimming ranks on the line. ›see story

Page icon Price of food falls

The price of food is falling, giving consumers some relief from successive monthly increases. In the last month food prices have come down by almost 1%, led by cheaper fruit and vegetables. Meat's also less costly than it has been over summer, although the reduced price for some items is being countered by the rising cost of other products. ›read more

Film icon. Model United Nations conference hits town

More than a hundred secondary school pupils are about to converge in Dunedin, for a model United Nations conference. They'll each represent a country during the two-day programme, centred around the UN's Millennium Development Goals. It's a chance for them to meet like-minded peers, as well as expand their political horizons. ›see story

Page icon Otago's economy steadily increases

Otago's economy has steadily increased, as have all other regional economies throughout New Zealand. Otago's gross domestic product for the year ending March 2014 was worth just under $10b in current prices. That's double the value of the region's GDP from the year ending March 2000. Every year since the region's GDP value has gone up. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin women enter cycle race to raise money for a local school

Four Dunedin women are entering the Tour of New Zealand cycle race to raise money for a local school. They'll pedal more than 600 kilometres around the South Island in April. They're doing it for the kids, hoping their efforts will pay off in the classroom. ›see story

Page icon New Zealand in the grip of a building boom

New Zealand's in the grip of a building boom, as revealed by the latest statistics. Last year the country saw more than $15b of building work carried out. That's an increase of almost a quarter on the previous year. Most of the work is happening in Auckland and Canterbury, where housing demand is highest. ›read more

Page icon New survey investigates Otago's coffee-drinking habits

A new survey is shedding light on the coffee-drinking habits of Otago residents in comparison to the rest of the country. The consumer survey shows Otago drinkers spend an average of $13 a week on espresso from chain stores. And they're more likely to go out of their way for a good cup of coffee than any other Kiwis. ›read more

Page icon Drop in dairy means lower exports in January

January exports have fallen significantly in the last year, down $371m. The major drivers are milk powder, butter and cheese products. They've fallen 30% overall. January exports brought in $3.7b. Lower milk powder prices are a massive factor in the downturn. Not even record quantities of meat exports for the month could balance the drop in dairy. ›read more

Film icon. Local MPs clash over zero hour contracts

Local politicians are clashing over employment law, and in particular the subject of zero hour contracts. Dunedin North MP David Clark, of the Labour Party, wants them abolished, and that's attracted criticism from National minister Michael Woodhouse. But the pair have managed to find some common ground. ›see story

Page icon Dunedin's Shanton store to remain open despite national cut backs

Dunedin's Shanton store is one of the only ones remaining open across the country. The company's in voluntary administration, and its sale is being negotiated with five interested parties. Shanton owes more than $7m to creditors, including staff and Inland Revenue. Of the 37 stores nationwide, only ten will remain open, and 70 full time equivalent staff have lost their jobs as a result. ›read more

Film icon. National organisation puts children on the path to healthy smiles

A national organisation is making teeth a priority, for the benefit of local children. A recent oral health survey shows almost half of all Kiwi kids under the age of four don't get seen by dental professionals. So Plunket has partnered with Colgate to ensure families are on the right path to having healthy smiles. ›see story