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Page icon Power prices continue to rise

Power price rises continue to outstrip inflation due to large increases in monopoly transmission and lines charges. The Electricity Authority has released its latest annual report. It shows the lines component of household power bills increased by 6.7% in the three months to June. That's while retail charges fell by 0.7%. Monopoly charges are regulated by the Commerce Commission. ›read more

Page icon Upward trend in new dwelling consents coming to an end

While the number of new dwellings being consented remains at its highest level in seven years, the trend is slowing. Statistics New Zealand says the trend for new dwellings has more than doubled since 2011. But it's still 25% below the peak of 2004. Last month there were just over 2000 new dwellings consented nationwide. That included 254 apartments. ›read more

Page icon Otago researcher awarded Rutherford Discovery Fellowship

A University of Otago researcher has been awarded a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship by the government. Doctor Michael Knapp is one of ten fellowship recipients, announced today by Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce. The Otago researcher will receive up to $800,000 over the next five years. ›read more

Film icon. Top surgeon delivers blow to health board

A top surgeon at Dunedin Hospital has delivered a massive blow to the Southern District Health Board. ›see story

Page icon Fonterra cuts prices

Fonterra has cut its forecast farmgate milk price by 70 cents per kilogram of milk solids. The reduced price for the 2014 to 2015 season is now $5.30 per kilogram. That's down from $6. Fonterra has also increased and widened the estimated dividend range to 25 to 35 cents. That amounts to a forecast cash payout of about $5.60. ›read more

Page icon Two-year low in rural confidence

Plunging dairy prices are the reason behind a two-year low in rural confidence, measured by Rabobank. The latest quarterly Rabobank Rural Confidence Survey shows low dairy prices are dampening farmer sentiment. It's at its lowest level since September 2012, with 37% of farmers having a negative outlook on the rural economy. That's compared to 24% in the last quarterly survey. ›read more

Film icon. Get Ready Week highlights the importance of having a plan in an emergency

What would you do in an emergency? That's the question Civil Defence is posing to Kiwis over the next few days. It's the annual Get Ready Week, and Dunedin residents are learning why it's so important to be prepared. ›see story

Page icon Christchurch hospitality growth continues to outpace the rest of the country

The Christchurch rebuild means retail and hospitality growth in the city continues to outpace the rest of the country. Retail and hospitality spending in Christchurch increased 1.4% in the June quarter. Nationally that figure was just 1%. Statistics New Zealand says retail and hospitality sales in Christchurch have risen 24% since June 2010. ›read more

Film icon. Smokers encouraged to take part in Stoptober campaign

A giant red ball is rolling its way across the country as part of a health promotion. It's one of several initiatives employed by those behind the nationwide Stoptober campaign. And it has reached Dunedin, where smokers are being encouraged to quit for a month, and ultimately for good. ›see story

Page icon Gross domestic product up 0.7%

Strong growth in service industries has pushed New Zealand's gross domestic product up 0.7% in the last quarter. Statistics New Zealand says services make up about two-thirds of the economy, and all 11 service industries increased in the June quarter. The biggest increases were in industries that include advertising, employment services, and software development. ›read more

Page icon New Zealand financial position improving despite current deficit

New Zealand's current account balance shows a deficit of $2b. That's $1.4b larger than in the previous quarter. Statistics New Zealand says it's partly because the value of exports has fallen. Dairy was the commodity with the most severe change in value during the last quarter. Despite the current deficit, New Zealand's financial position is improving. ›read more

Film icon. Dunedin enters next round of Gigatown competition

The race is on to find out which town will become a leading digital innovation hub and the country's first Gigatown. Dunedin has an opportunity to become more connected than ever before, as the competition reaches the final stage. And if one giga-bit internet speed is to be a reality then we all need to log on and get hash-tagging. ›see story

Page icon Collective operating deficit for local authorities

Local authorities around the country had a collective operating deficit in the last quarter. But Statistics New Zealand says things have improved since the start of the year. Total expenditure exceeded income by $50.6m, despite the fact income was up. Operating income from core services was just under $2.1b - up 6.1% from the March quarter. ›read more

Film icon. Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week in full swing

Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week is in full swing, and Dunedin residents are getting on board. More than 1,700 locals have registered for the clean-up, which Keep Dunedin Beautiful says reflects changing attitudes about litter. ›see story

Page icon Prime Minister John Key visits Dunedin

Prime Minister John Key made a fleeting visit to Dunedin this morning, just four days out from the general election. He visited Silver Fern Farms, then fronted a media stand-up about surveillance. Key addressed the current allegations of mass surveillance and spying, brought to the fore by opponent Kim Dotcom. ›read more

Page icon Slow month in the real estate market

It's been a slow month in the real estate market, with the national median house price up just 1%. 5,500 homes were sold nationwide last month, down 7% compared to July. And that number was 16.3% less than last August. But in Otago the average house price is up $18,000 - 7.7% - on last August. And in Dunedin there's been a 12% increase on this time last year. ›read more

Page icon Food prices increase following a fall in July

Food prices have increased marginally in the last month, following a fall in July. Prices rose 0.3% in August, with fresh vegetables leading the increase. Vegetable prices were up 8.6%, but that was offset by cheaper bread and other groceries. Bread was down 10%, averaging just over a dollar a loaf for supermarket brand white bread. ›read more

Film icon. Young tech savvy competitors squared off over the weekend

Which is the best robot in New Zealand? That was the question on everyone's lips at the RoboCup Junior nationals in Dunedin at the weekend. It saw dozens of young technology savvy competitors square off in a range of battles, with one simple goal: to win. ›see story