Dunedin Television|On Demand - Freeview|HD Channel 39 - Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Podcasting and IPTV

In addition to its standard terrestrial and partner based television signal broadcast Dunedin Television is proud to introduce broadcast over the internet.

The station has introduced a number of internet protocol television (IPTV) distributions mechanisms including flash webcasting allowing viewers to watch programmes online over the internet, and also podcasting and vodcasting to enable device based viewing of content.

Station Chief Executive, Daryl Clarkson, says "Moving to adopt online broadcast is a natural evolution as the station extends to utilise the available transmission platforms for its core content". We expect this to continue as new methods of delivery are developed, it enhances our ability to connect to viewers, anytime, anywhere and brings the benefits of increased audience to our advertisers.

He also remarks that in years to come delivery of video content by non traditional transmission means will become more common place, "so its great to see that Dunedin Television is off to an early start, leading the way for regional broadcasters in this area".

The station is providing broadcasts seven days a week with its half hour live local news bulletin being made available for viewing on the web and through video and audio podcast each weeknight, its weekly news roundup will be available on Saturdays and its current affairs magazine programme will be broadcast electronically on Sundays.

The channel expects that, over time, broadcasters will focus less on television sets and more on screens as the number of broadcast methods increases. To this end it has adopted a focus statement as it expands into online broadcast.

"Dunedin Television,
See your city, your stories on any screen."

It is well known that content is the key, regardless of the number of broadcast channels used. With our new statement, we are expanding our broadcast focus but still staying true to being local, local, local and at the same time highlighting our point of difference, the ability to visually present Dunedin.

As well as news clips, Dunedin Television also provides programmes for viewing online, on devices or on computer using iTunes standalone. At the time of launch, Dunedin Television was the first of the regional stations in New Zealand to offer these new online broadcast services.