Dunedin Television produces and broadcasts a wide variety of local programmes every year.

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In addition to regular programmes like 39 Dunedin News, Southern Newsweek, and Scarfieland; Dunedin Television makes a variety of specialised local programmes throughout the year.

As part of the our dedication to this industry, we film and show the Otago Polytechnic School of Fashion’s end of year collection annually.

Other one-off events throughout the year also attract our attention, such as the Santa Parade. Filming of these events allows those unable to attend the chance to participate, something only local television provides.

Nearly 40% of Dunedin people watch Dunedin Television, the station’s independent survey figures and recent Nielsen media reasearch shows. These figures back the station's feeling of support from local viewers, and prove it's on the right track.

Among other statistics gathered, the survey concluded about 18% watched Dunedin Television News on a weekly basis, and about the same tuned in to local current affairs once a week.

Dunedin Television chairman Michael Stedman said the figures were significantly better than he had hoped for, and showed the strong groundswell of support the Channel received.

The local survey was matched by New Zealand On Air research conducted last year which showed 34% of New Zealanders with coverage watched a local television station.

“That’s an incredible figure. That’s more than any radio station can boast.”

Even the top network television programmes, when their figures are considered proportionally, only manage the low 20s in percentage terms. “So those are massive numbers”.

What the research showed was from their regional television station, people want local news, community participation and shows relevant to and about their region. That’s what Dunedin Television provides, he says.

“Older, or less mobile viewers, can get a sense of local participation from watching their local television station.”

Public community events, local sports coverage and local news are among the ways Dunedin people can get in touch with their community through the channel and the survey results clearly reflect this.

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