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Access and Availability

  1. Channel 9 may for any reason and without prior notice, prohibit or restrict access to the Site.
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Community Noticeboard/Event Calendar

  1. When you submit an event for Channel 9 Online’s event calendar/community noticeboard, you must include contact details such as an email address or phone number with the event details. Events submitted without genuine contact details will not be published.
  2. Channel 9 Online reserves the right to publish or delete items in event calendar/community noticeboard at its sole discretion.
  3. All events submitted to the community noticeboard must be community focussed and sourced from not for profit organisations


  1. Channel 9 encourages community participation and accepts news tips, supplied content, images and video
  2. Channel 9 may store electronically any contributions or submissions and reserves the right to use images, video or other data free of charge in any of its broadcast mediums, not limited to terrestiral broadcast, satellite broadcast, webcast, vodcast podcast or any other form of electronic distribution.
  3. Any contributions may be edited, removed or not published at the sole disretion of Channel 9.
  4. Participation conditions may vary in different sections of Channel 9 Online.
  5. You may be held legally responsible for any content you submit to Channel 9 Online.

Registration (Future)

  1. Channel 9 Online recommends that all forum members use a pen name as their login name rather than their real name. You must not intentionally use the name of another living person.
  2. Channel 9 Online may refuse, at its discretion, registration of visitors whose chosen login names are considered inappropriate.
  3. Channel 9 shall have the right, but not the obligation to monitor any user generated content within its site.


  1. You acknowledge that while Channel 9 will endeavour to ensure that the material contained within this site is accurate, we accept no responsibility for any error or omission in relation to any material contained within this Website.
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  6. The laws and courts of New Zealand soley govern these terms and conditions and the operation of this site.

Last Revision: September, 2007